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What are the particularities in the selection and matching of tapestries?

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1. After the pattern and pattern matching are combined with the overall home decoration style, follow the three matching principles: contrast effect, that is, the contrast of the size and color of the flower type; similar coordination, similar flower forms, similar colors, such as pink colors can easily match each other; keep the same Family, such as big rattan flower with small rattan flower, matching of the same theme, color of the same family.

2. Most bedrooms choose tapestries with soft warm colors, which can well bring out the warm home atmosphere of the bedroom, and home decoration should avoid negative gray tones.

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3. When hanging tapestries, match colors according to different spaces. For example, the interior of modern home decoration style is mainly white, but bright and lively colors are the main choice. Tapestry with heavy colors is more suitable for the end of the corridor or a large area of vacant wall, which can attract people's sight and play a decorative effect.

4. The best tapestry can correspond to certain details of the room, such as color, shape, texture, etc., so that unexpected visual effects can be achieved.

5. Choose different suspension methods according to the difference in space layout, which can fully adjust the visual experience of the space.

Before hanging the tapestry, check to see what your wall is made of. If they are made of lime then you can hang floral tapestries on the wall or one inch away from the wall. If your wall is made of thin stone, then use a stand and keep the tapestry two inches away from the wall. Once you have decided on your first floral tapestry, it will completely contain and inspire you to continue your search and exploration, with creative ideas to add another splendid decorative object to your decoration. The beauty of a tapestry is reflected when it is hung on the wall. The matching of the tapestry must take into account the factors of the room environment, whether it is classical or modern, simple or complicated. These factors cannot be excluded. All tapestries are beautiful and inappropriate. It's just a matter of collocation.

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