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How to transform your small terrace into a comfortable place to relax

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Every space in the home is worth making full use of. You can use your small terrace or balcony to do some special things. In fact, with these techniques, you can turn your outdoor space into a comfortable resting place in one day!


1. Personal Oasis

A small terrace or balcony does not mean that you cannot create your own small oasis. Add some comfortable cushions, buy some colorful flower pots and start adding plants! It's that simple. These are some of our preferred outdoor plants, they can be grown quickly and are easy to care for.

Begonias: When they are kept in a cool environment, these flowers will bloom year after year.

Chrysanthemum: Chrysanthemum is the most popular flower after roses, because they have a wide variety of sizes, colors, and shapes.

Petunia: To grow in large numbers, petunia needs plenty of sunlight.

Ferns: Contrary to petunia, if you have a shaded balcony, ferns are perfect. Ferns are highly adaptable and grow well in plant containers and hanging containers.

Succulents: If you don't remember to water the plants, then succulents are for you.


2. Comfortable and chic

Similar to your living room, you will want something that attracts your attention and allows you to rest in a comfortable and quiet place. Adding outdoor carpet is an easy way to make a bold statement without a lot of work. Use bold patterns, or just find colors that suit your style. As long as you measure the size of your space, you can find the right carpet!

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