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What are the best tips for cleaning curtains?

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Cleaning curtains can often be a difficult process. Not only are curtains often bulky and heavy, but they are sometimes difficult to remove from their housing rods. In order to achieve the best results when cleaning curtains, they should first be examined in order to make sure that they are fit to be cleaned; if the curtains are too damaged, they should be discarded and replaced instead of cleaned. If the curtains do require cleaning, they can be often washed by hand in the bathtub and dried on a clothesline or in the dryer. When cleaning curtains, the curtain rings should also be cleaned with boiling vinegar, soap, and water.


In order to achieve the best results when it comes to cleaning curtains, they must first be examined in order to make sure that they are actually fit to be cleaned. Sometimes, curtains that are placed in windows exposed to direct sunlight are so damaged that it is better to simply replace them entirely than to try to clean them. Curtains that have been excessively bleached by the sun or are thin are brittle should be disposed of and replaced instead of cleaned.

There is not one specific process involved in cleaning curtains, and in fact a number of methods can be used with great success. One of the most effective ways to clean curtains is to simply place them in a bathtub, and wash them by hand. It is important to read any labels on the curtains before attempting this, as some curtains may require dry cleaning.


If the specific curtains being washed can withstand handwashing, they should be rinsed with warm, clean water, and rubbed with a small amount of gentle dish or laundry soap. Once the curtains have been rinsed out, they can be either hung up to dry on a clothesline or indoor drying rack. In addition, small curtains can usually be placed in a dryer, as long as the temperature is set to a low or moderate setting.

Often, it is not only the curtains that require cleaning, but also the curtain rings. One of the best ways to clean metal curtain rings involves the use of vinegar. Curtain rings should be placed in a saucepan, and enough vinegar should be poured in the pan to completely cover the rings. The saucepan should then be heated; allowing the rings to boil for a few minutes in the vinegar can remove rust and restore shine. Following this process, the rings should be rinsed with warm water and soap in order to restore their smooth surface.

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