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The cushion is part of the home, so use the cushion to light up your happy life

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For the cushion, I believe everyone will like it very much, especially girls, at home, can have a cushion, hug, lean against, very warm and very safe. When you are tired, putting a cushion behind your waist can relieve tension in your back and dispel physical fatigue. If you walk too much, put a cushion under your leg, which can gently relieve the discomfort of the leg. When watching TV, holding a cushion in your arms is more comfortable and cozy. Holding what you like, reading, chatting, listening to music, drinking coffee and even falling asleep, happiness surrounds you instantly.

The status of cushions in the interior decoration industry is equivalent to the status of handbags in the fashion industry. With the continuous improvement of people's taste in life, a small cushion has evolved into a stylish and fashionable decoration.

cushion covers

On the bed, on the sofa, and on the seat, cushions are more and more frequently appearing at home. The material, color and placement method of the cushions have also begun to affect the overall style of home decoration, and the color and color of the cushions will be changed with the changes of the seasons. Style can also increase the interest of life. Therefore, different cushions can bring different styles and fashions to home life.

The cushion is one of the most indispensable household items in our home. It adds color to our home, increases the sense of luxury, and enhances the appearance of our home.

Appropriate decoration can make the sofa icing on the cake. Since most sofas emphasize practicality and do not have much design sense, decoration is particularly important.

01 Mix and match of different shapes and sizes

Near the middle of the sofa, the smaller the cushion should be placed, it will give people a more comfortable visual feeling; place a larger square cushion on the backrest, and then place a relatively small square cushion in the middle.

Cushions of different shapes and sizes help shape the layering of the sofa and brighten the sofa space.

In this way, the entire sofa area not only looks distinct, but also takes care of the comfort of the sofa to the maximum.

02 Follow the "Three Ones" principle

What is the "Three Ones" principle? If you are careful to observe many good-looking home improvement scenes, you will find that there will be three cushions on the sofa, one with simple texture, one with complex texture, and one with more three-dimensional lines, so it looks very creative and beautiful. . Therefore, we can also learn this principle when choosing a cushion with a large pattern, a small pattern, and a simple and three-dimensional line when choosing a cushion. Follow the "three one" principle. There must be different effects.

cushion covers

03 The cushion is unified with the home decoration environment

According to the overall style of the home, if you want to create an INS style, the elements of the cushion and sofa should also be INS style. The pink velvet sofa and the gilded letter cushions of the fan INS style have a sweet girlish feel. The little pink fairy must not be willing to miss it. If the indoor color tone is relatively single, you can choose to use some contrasting colors for the cushion at this time, which can enliven the atmosphere and enrich the visual level of the space.

04 Don't put too many cushions

Concise and comfortable Nordic style decoration, through simple layout, with natural fresh green plants and leisurely modern soft furnishings, the whole space creates an atmosphere suitable for young people. Generally, 3~5 cushions are enough for a sofa, which is more cumbersome and less monotonous.

05 The shape and shape of the cushion need attention

The shape of the cushion can be varied. The modern style of pure color pleated suede cushion is simple and stylish, and the full shape is suitable for a variety of home styles. The unique fashion splicing technology makes the cushion look unique, matching a variety of home styles. Compared with ordinary solid-color cushions, this cushion has more careful design.

06 Matching should maintain a similar style

Cushions of similar designs and colors will not have a special jumping feeling when matched together. They can be of similar shapes or colors.

When choosing cushions of different styles to match together, you can choose similar styles and colors. Even if the styles are different, such cushions will look more unique.

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