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Nordic style cushions are matched with Dafa, and the sofa will become colorful

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Everyone has a cushion at home, do you think just one cushion is enough? To realize the full potential of the cushions, the strength of "unity" is needed. Only by matching groups of cushions together can the living room be more beautiful!

How to put the cushion into the ideal shape?

Come look down and learn~

Coup 1: Follow your sofa to choose the basic color

The so-called "match", first "match" and then "match". When choosing a number of different cushions, we need to find the basic color of the matching cushion according to the color of the sofa. For example, we have a beige sofa, and your cushions need a color similar to beige as the base color.

cushion covers

Coup 2: According to the base color cushion matching

After determining the basic color, choose the color, pattern, and shape you like to match the basic color. Matched with cushions of similar colors similar to the basic color, the appropriate neutral and soft color can relieve visual fatigue and bring a soothing atmosphere to the living room.

On the basis of the same color series, a small amount of striped or patterned cushions can be used to make the color of the whole living room bright.

The matching of the size and shape of the cushions can bring different experience. The long waist protector and square back protector are more comfortable to use.

The matching of cushions of the same color and different materials will bring you a different visual and tactile experience.

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The contrast and complementary color cushions that conflict with the basic colors are matched. When the color matching of the cushions adopts a contrast method, it will create a conflicting but distinct visual effect. Complementary colors are the most common matching colors for cushions, such as ginger and sea blue.

The contrast of bright color cushions is most suitable for a small living room with a simple style. It can shift the focus to the decoration and weaken the original small living room area.

The pattern matching of the cushions can follow the principle of "sparse and dense", interspersing two cushions with patterns can achieve stretching levels, but you will find that the visual experience brought is a sense of harmony full of tension! Combined with the pattern matching of the cushions, lines with the same pattern elements can be combined and placed together, so that the cushions can be combined together without going off the topic. The size and shape of the cushions and the high contrast color echo make the original simple decoration method not simple. And it's full of fun.

cushion covers

Coup 3: Clear seasons and clear cushions

The matching of cushions also changes in different colors and styles as the seasons change. The trick to change is very simple. Just change the cushion cover, and the style of the four seasons can be easily held!

cushion covers

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