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These clever lap desks, cushions, lamps and accessories can set a work area on your sofa

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Due to COVID-19, the current global self-quarantine orders have all come into effect, and most of us are trapped at home because local officials demand shelter-in-place orders to flatten the coronavirus curve.

For most Americans, one of the biggest changes is adapting to working from home. Before the coronavirus pandemic, only 4.7 million Americans, or 3.4% of the population, worked from home. Since then, this number has grown rapidly, and for many people, it is not easy to adjust Zoom meetings, remote plans, and just focus on being at home.

Home Decoration

However, for those who don't have a dedicated home office or desk, figuring out how to get work done at home can be especially challenging. Small apartments, limited furniture, and roommates or children in the command room at the dining table may hinder your dream of efficient isolation. This leaves many people with only one place: the sofa.

Working on the sofa sounds like a contradiction, but in fact it may become a hard-working sofa potato. Even though most sofas are designed to relax in front of the TV, some products can still help you turn the sofa into a productive place for writing, reading and meeting.

Essentially, these are three key upgrades that can turn your sofa into a productive space. First, your laptop needs a surface (if you have a mouse and keyboard, you need a surface). This can take several forms, including a lap desk or a side table that doubles as a sofa table. Some of these sofa tables also have convenient additional functions, such as phone holders or cup holders.

Secondly, the sofa may need some extra support to support your back. This will maintain proper blood flow and prevent you from accidentally falling into the TV viewing position.

Finally, you may need some additional lighting. Whether you are reading a document or just want to stay awake at night, conventional living room lighting usually cannot eliminate it. A lamp hanging on the sofa (but not interfering with the decor style) will keep your work area illuminated for maximum productivity.

Home Decoration

As with any home upgrade, style is to be kept in mind. When creating a new sofa office, you don't want to spoil the well-designed interior design appearance. And since the coronavirus quarantine may last until May (or even longer), it may be a good idea to invest in some fashionable, high-quality products.

1. Lumbar support cushion

Most sofas are designed to provide unproductive comfort at the end of a long day. If you want to set up a good working space on the sofa, we recommend that you add some support to the seat. Lumbar support cushions can do this, keeping you comfortable, upright and focused while working. Unlike most lumbar support cushions, this cushion also looks like the normal sofa cushion you actually want in your living room. Although its main task is to correct posture, corn fleece fabric can also ensure a certain degree of comfort.

2. Seat cushion

Another way to correct posture for productive work is cushions, which can be a life-saving straw for those who need to attend meetings for hours.

3. Best choice product sofa

If you really want to move your home to a living/work space, please consider upgrading your current sofa to this sofa. Low armrests, cup holders and an upright posture provide better space for work. But rest assured: the sofa is still a great place to relax at the end of the day because it can be tilted back. In addition, it can even be transformed into a guest bed.

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