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How to tape tapestry more literary sense?

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If you are looking for a way to decorate your white walls, but don't want to be a typical gallery wall, we recommend using tapestries. It's not that your apartment should look like the Vatican, but a variety of textile art. From fabric to retro fabric. Whether you hang them on the sofa or behind the bed, these clever decorations can add color, texture and pattern to the space, and even serve as a bold headboard replacement!

Don't know how to hang your new fabric on the wall? We have collected some ideas to show you how to hang tapestries anywhere, including rental spaces where the walls need to be kept original. Get inspiration, find your favorite tapestries, and add vitality to the walls of your home.

wall tapestry

1. Use nails or thumbtacks

The easiest way to tapestry? Use nails or thumbtacks. This method is suitable for larger fabrics, otherwise small holes will be formed in the fabric. Hang it in a corner, make a casual curtain, or fix it with a row of nails to make it look straight.

2. Stretch on the frame

Stretch the fabric onto a wooden frame or plywood to make it a work of art. Stretch and fold the tapestry onto the frame, then fix it with a staple gun. Use a zigzag picture frame to hang on the wall. If your fabric is very thin, you may want to stretch the canvas first and fix it to the frame with staples so that the wood will not be seen from the fabric.

3. Secure with Velcro

If you live in a rented house and try to avoid holes in the wall, here's how to hang a tapestry and get your deposit back: Use self-adhesive Velcro tape to stick the tapestry to the wall. This is also a good method if you have a curved wall or don't want to punch holes in the fabric.

4. Use skirting boards

Heavy textiles and tapestries may require more support, and skirting boards will help secure them to the wall. Choose a plank that fits the pole pocket on the back of the tapestry. If your tapestry has no pockets, you can sew it by hand with thick cloth. Cut the board so that it is smaller than the width of the tapestry. Mark the screw insertion position and drill holes. Slide the board into your pocket. Fold back both sides of the tapestry and screw the board to the wall.

wall tapestry

5. Hang on a straight rod

Use a pole to hang up the tapestry with the back pocket. If your work is rectangular or very large, you can also cover it on the pole to create an artificial headboard or an eye-catching display on the sofa.

6. Fix it with a picture frame

Fragile fabrics and smaller tapestries are best placed in glass frames. A frame will protect the work and give it a valuable display.

7. Create a ceiling tapestry

No need to limit yourself to the wall. Hang your fabric from the ceiling, or hang it from the ceiling on the wall to create a dreamy bed or intimate seating area.

8. Try the poster hook

Poster hooks are not just works of art on paper, wooden equipment can be used to make the tapestry flush with the wall.

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