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How to match the sofa pillow to look good?

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The sofa is one of the essential furniture at home, of course there are so many comfortable cushions on the sofa. But the sofa and cushion also need to be matched well! Otherwise, it would be weird to think about putting a super cute cushion on an elegant sofa.

Sofa cushion match

cushion covers

1. Bright large living room + leather sofa + Mingyan cushion

A spacious, bright, and well-lit large living room is most suitable for matching with European-style leather sofas. Bright colors such as big flowers, big red and big green squares are very suitable for dark leather sofas, as long as you pay attention to matching the color of the rest of the furniture and the style is uniform. The light-colored leather sofa is very suitable for the spring season. If you add an elegant counter cushion of the same color, it will be more fresh and beautiful.

2. Colored living room + inflatable sofa + cartoon cushion

If the living room has a wall skirt or the walls are colored, try an inflatable sofa. Gas-filled sofas often have a single color, such as black rubber, blue suede, etc., and friends who buy inflatable sofas often have a childlike innocence and think it is simple and fun to buy. Therefore, a cartoon cushion is more suitable for it. Sitting on an inflatable sofa, you can swim with the cartoon cushion in your childhood dreams.

cushion covers

3. Plain living room + fabric sofa + flower cushion

If the wall of the living room is floor-to-ceiling, choosing dark fabrics will make the room look clean, quiet, peaceful, generous and comfortable. Fabric sofas are characterized by soft and comfortable, thick sofa cushions, which sink into it as soon as they sit down, making them too comfortable to get up.

Putting some eye-catching cushions on such a sofa will be more pleasing to the eye. For example, elegant fabric cushions with more complicated patterns.

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