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What should be paid attention to in the configuration art of interior decoration fabrics?

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When choosing indoor decorative fabrics, one should not look at its own texture and beauty in isolation, but should take into account its coordination with surrounding utensils in the indoor environment. While satisfying the function, it is necessary to obey the general requirements of the indoor tone and tone. When choosing the color, pattern and texture of the fabric, it is necessary to take into account its indoor function, but also its indoor location, area, and the relationship between indoor utensils and decorative effects.

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Decorative fabrics with a large indoor area, such as bed sheets, quilts, curtains, etc., should generally be of the same color or adjacent colors to easily form a hue in the interior; fabrics with a smaller area, such as wall hangings, cushions, etc., can be brightly colored Some, the pattern is more lively. This is the small contrast formed in the reconciliation. At the same time, the unity of fabric and interior color should also be considered. The indoor color tone is warmer, and the color tone of large-area fabrics is also warmer; otherwise, it is colder. At the same time, we must also take care of the appropriate effect of color.

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In a room with simple furnishings, sometimes it is set off with curtains with a relatively large area, simple patterns, and high color purity, which can also make the interior receive a bright and decorative artistic effect.

Curtains, hanging curtains, and slow hanging curtains are both practical and decorative fabrics in family interiors. Therefore, the configuration should be combined with seasonal changes and pay attention to the way of furnishings. In summer, the color of curtains should be plain and translucent. Bamboo curtains can also be hung to provide shading and ventilation. In winter, the color of curtains can be heavier. There are many ways to hang curtains, there are single and double curtains; the double curtains can be opened left and right, or two can be arranged up and down. According to the needs, you can open the top one, or the bottom one, single When opened, it can be hanging or half-arc. When the double width is opened, it can be hanging or half-isolated on both sides, forming a "human" shape. It depends on personal preference.

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