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Amaze your hours with a tapestry

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When it comes to wall decoration, more people will fall in love with decorative paintings. But if there were only decorative paintings in the home, it would be a bit monotonous.

Therefore, we might as well combine decorative paintings with various wall-mounted shelves, wall-mounted candle holders, and the tapestries we are going to introduce today.

Let the boring big white wall become as vivid and lively as a stage play. A unique tapestry, seemingly casually decorated.But it can unintentionally bring people a taste of exquisite life.


1. A tapestry baptized by time

Tapestry art first sprouted in BC. At that time, China was still in the Spring, Autumn and Warring States period. European monasteries began to weave tapestries, making the 15th to 16th centuries the peak of tapestry art. The weavers at that time were comparable to painters and sculptors. Tapestry has always used flat decorative patterns, which are beautiful but lack spirituality.

After the Renaissance, weavers with ultra-high artistic aesthetics added light, shadow and perspective to the tapestries. Each tapestry is an art of art!

Merchants smelled business opportunities from the tapestry and invited many painters to design the tapestry base map. At first, the painters were able to follow their own hearts to create, and gradually, the merchants strictly required the reproduction of oil paintings. Since then, the tapestry has lost its artistic quality and declined in the 18th century... But since ancient times, people who love art have never given up on the revival of tapestry art. Many weaving artists have a soft spot for tapestry and continue to inject their artistic aesthetics into tapestry. With the help of social networks, more and more people know and love tapestries. Nowadays, tapestries have become the darling of home decoration.

2. The tapestry has changeable faces

The fringed tapestry and the flowing fringed lace are probably the love of every girl. This type of tapestry pattern is simple or complicated, and without exception, can make the blank wall instantly become three-dimensional. Although the white style is the most common, if your home has a pre-set main color, then it is not necessary to choose the related colored tapestry. Mandala tapestry.

You may not have heard of "mandala" but you must know "mandala". In fact, the two have the same meaning but the transliteration is different. This pattern comes from Tibetan Buddhism, meaning "mandala", which also explains why the mandala patterns we see are composed of square and circular patterns. Because the size of this tapestry is relatively large (it will be ugly if it is small), so it is more suitable for those large-sized friends. For example, ins net celebrities prefer to hang such a blanket on the bedside. The whole bedroom became psychedelic.


3. It's easy to choose a tapestry

Pay attention to the material, animal hair: soft and warm; not easy to shed; artificial hair: practical but easy to shed; plant hair: stiff, not recommended.

Pay attention to the size, first design the wall effect to determine the size range, sun-proof and insect-proof, wash infrequently, and dry quickly after washing.

Note that the color of the pattern is consistent with the decoration style of the house.

4. Large blocks of color

Or simple weaving, no matter what kind of element, can enrich the room, and the sense of hierarchy emerges spontaneously. Whether it's the headboard or the side of the table, it gives the walls more artistic temperament. You must know that the real Queen of Lohas will not leave the white wall at home empty!

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