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The most popular tapestry wall art ornaments add texture and charm to bare walls

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One of the best ways to personalize and instantly change the space is to hang the things you absolutely love on the wall. Framed artwork, posters and even lace works are good choices, but they are not always the most economical. Choosing a bohemian or eclectic tapestry is an excellent and affordable way to add a custom style to your space, giving it personality, texture and a little charm. 

You may have shown some of your favorite photos, or a full-length mirror to increase the depth and brightness of your residence, but incorporating a wall cloth can add luster to your residence without huge investment or trouble ( And manual) to hang heavy items. No matter your home decoration style or interior design taste, there are stylish tapestries hanging in front of everyone. Scroll below to see some of our personal favorites.

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Home tapestry

1. Moonlight Garden Tapestry

This charming and versatile tapestry is decorated with floral and celestial patterns on a black background. This soothing product can add texture and calm atmosphere to any space, and looks particularly luxurious, hanging behind the bed.

Home tapestry

2. Sketched floral medallion tapestry

This subtle and warm tapestry is designed with a floral rounded corner pattern in soft and neutral tones. This light and cool piece also uses hand-stitched accents.

Home tapestry

3. Sun Moon Tapestry

This polyester tapestry wall hanging has a moon pattern, which can add a little mystery to any room. This vibrant piece can also be used as a bed cover, headboard replacement or decorative curtain.

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