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5 tapestries to add texture to your room

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These 5 wall hanging tapestries make any room more interesting.

You are working on a pleasant and cohesive color scheme. Your lighting is well thought out. You have arranged the furniture to maximize the use of space. If you want to create a perfect living space commensurate with your personal aesthetic appeal, you may still feel that something is missing. Adding some texture to the room may just be the next step. A good way to achieve this goal is to use tapestries strategically.

wall tapestry

The reason for using tapestries instead of other types of murals.

One of the main ways that tapestries differ from other types of murals is that they have fewer shapes and shapes compared to framed artwork. Therefore, tapestries are a great way to add color or texture to a room without causing too much attention. Maybe you have added strong visual elements to the room-large vases, sculptures or avant-garde personalized chairs. The tapestry will add texture without moving away from the bold work you choose.

Another occasion for tapestries is when you want an informal feel. If your personal style is just casual, then a good way to express this idea is to use a custom tapestry.

Tapestry is also very suitable for decorating the interior of an RV or living space on a ship. Unlike framed artwork, the tapestry will not fall off the wall and break when the vehicle is driving.

From abstract designs to bohemian mandalas to natural macro photography, tapestries can add interesting texture to the room in a variety of unique ways.

Here are 5 tapestries from Savvydeco that can give you some ideas for living space.

1. "Keep the Tapestry" by Linda Woods

The first type of tapestry design conceivable is pure abstract art, especially if visible brushstrokes are achieved. Linda Woods' tapestry "Stay" is a good example.

wall tapestry

2. Mandela 5 Tapestry, Mark Ashkenazi (Mark Ashkenazi)

Next is the Mandela 5 Tapestry by Mark Ashkenazi. This tapestry has a mandala pattern, which makes people's eyes bright and natural at first glance. But what makes this particular mandala interesting is that the closer you get to it, the more obvious its geometric shapes and angles. This makes it perfect for adding texture and interest to blank walls.

wall tapestry

3. Tree of Life Tapestry William Morris (William Morris)

This tree of life tapestry evokes a century of elegance. This is a reproduction of traditional traditional tapestries, providing you with a classic look, without the high prices that actual old-fashioned textile artworks would bring. Because the Tree of Life tapestry has an eternal plant pattern, it will not look out of fashion in modern homes. In a room with dark hardwood floors, this tapestry is absolutely gorgeous.

wall tapestry

4. "The Tapestry After the Storm" by Linda Woods

Although abstract art is the best choice for you to add texture to the room, it is not for everyone. If the tapestry kept on display is not yours because of the abstract cup of tea, a good middle ground might be the impressionist tapestry such as Linda Woods after the storm.

wall tapestry

5. "Peach Rose Tapestry" by Hailey E. Herrera

Close-ups of flowers are an elegant and feminine way to add texture, whether as a macro photography or as a painting. Indeed, some of the most visually interesting textures and lines in nature can be found in flowers. The famous artist Georgia O'Keeffe is very familiar with this fact. Modern artist Hailey E. Herrera seems to have got some inspiration from O'Keeffe's "Peach Rose" tapestry.

wall tapestry

When wall hangings are used to add texture to a room, there are endless possibilities. They can be bold or seamless neutral, abstract or realistic. Whether you like natural textures, mandalas, classic impressionism or watercolor splashes, there is a tapestry that calls your name.

When it comes to textures, the most striking are these 5 custom tapestries. However, these barely scratched the surface there. Be inspired by checking out more tapestries from Fine Art America.

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