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Fun and unique way to decorate the walls

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If you know how to decorate the walls, art can turn your living room and entire house into a beautiful haven. Not only can you make the walls bare and exciting, you can also add some adventure to the house, which will bring out your personality and taste and create a lasting statement. Decorating walls is not necessarily a complicated matter. There are many interesting, simple and unique ways to turn your space into beauty. One method is to use metal patterns hanging on the wall instead of punching holes in the wall from time to time. These are some of the more interesting ways to decorate the walls.


1. Consider large artworks

Large artworks are suitable for both large spaces and small spaces. If your room is small, it will be appropriate to set the tone and theme of the space by attracting attention. This is the first thing you see when you walk into the room. Choose a strategic location in the room so that the artwork takes up your space. Minimize the color of the artwork, but make it match the furniture.

2. Group artworks

Grouping artworks is another great way to decorate a space. You can find pictures with specific information and hang them together. A popular method is to hang three images with a specific theme together. You can have more than three, but as few as possible, lest the wall looks super busy. Using metal magnetic prints, you can adjust these pictures to your liking at any time to change their appearance.

3. Use mural or fabric

Wall hangings or tapestries can also greatly increase your space. The fabric especially makes your area look softer and warmer. You can frame these fabrics, such as old-fashioned scarves or any other beautiful textiles you might have. You can not only hang these textiles on the wall, but also on the curtains. Since you can easily move or adjust them, materials and fabrics have advantages over painting.


4. Hanging mirror

Another smart way to add beauty to your space is to install a mirror in the room. The mirror reflects light, making the small space appear larger and brighter. You should make sure to place the mirror in an important location to enhance the light in the room and illuminate other artworks. You can use some large mirrors or strategically placed small mirrors.

5. Add some plants

Plants can bring a new dimension to your decoration. In addition to paintings and paintings, you can also hang small plants next to the artwork to make the decorations look more natural. You can also use climbing plants or creeping plants, such as money plants that attach money plants to ropes and make them climb on the wall.

6. Install the TV

In addition to placing the TV on a shelf, you can also choose to mount it on the wall. Hanging the TV on the wall not only frees up space, but also enhances the decoration on the wall.

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