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Tapestry purchase and matching skills

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Tapestry began to flourish in France during the Middle Ages, and the number of people who like to weave tapestries has never been surpassed during this time. They are considered a very wealthy luxury goods symbolizing royalty and wealth. At the practical level, tapestries are not only used as decoration, but they also provide private beds and separate rooms. Tapestry keeps people away from the cold and makes people's lives more refined.


Tapestry is not only decorative, but also appreciative. The characteristics of the times it reflects make this artwork have a certain collection value. According to archaeologists’ textual research on the excavation of ancient tombs and castles, Xinjiang was produced as early as the Warring States Period. The woven blankets in the Tang Dynasty were very exquisite in patterns, patterns, and workmanship. In the Yuan, Ming and Qing, the weaving process was even better. Mature. There are two types of woven carpets, wool woven and silk woven. Wool tapestries are woven with wool, while ancient silk carpets are woven with pure silk and gold and silver threads. They have long hairs and bright colors, mainly red, yellow, blue, There are four colors of green, and traditional tapestries mostly adopt the weaving method of herringbone pattern.


The choice and matching of tapestries are exquisite

1. After combining patterns and patterns with the overall home decoration style, follow the three matching principles: contrast effect, that is, the contrast of the size and color of the pattern; similar coordination, similar flower forms, similar colors, such as pink colors can easily match each other; keep the same Family, such as big rattan flower with small rattan flower, matching of the same theme, color of the same family.

2. Most bedrooms choose tapestries with soft and warm colors, which can well bring out the warm home atmosphere of the bedroom, and the home decoration should avoid negative gray tones.

3. When hanging tapestries, match colors according to different spaces. For example, the interior of modern home decoration style is mainly white, but bright and lively colors are the main choice. Overly colored tapestries are more suitable for the end of the corridor or a large area of vacant walls, which can attract people's attention and play a decorative effect.

4. The best tapestry can correspond to certain details of the room, such as color, shape, texture, etc., which will achieve unexpected visual effects.

5. Choose different suspension methods according to the difference of space layout, which can fully adjust the visual experience of the space.

Tapestry should not be hung directly on the wall of the wallpaper, or hung on the glass frame. It should be installed at least 4 inches from the wall to prevent moths and other pests from stopping on it.

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