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Tibetan tapestry weaving skills

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Tibetan carpets are one of the representatives of Tibetan wool weaving skills. According to legend, it has a history of more than 600 years. It uses yak hair or wool as the woven material. It is dense and heavy, soft and delicate, bright in color, durable, etc., plus a strong ethnic group. The color pattern decoration makes it have high practical and appreciation value.

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Traditional Tibetan carpet products are mainly used as a kind of daily necessities of the Tibetan people, and their uses include "sa pad" and "ka pad". "Sa pad" refers to a blanket spread on the ground, while Ka pad refers to more cushion. The kadian in Gyangze County, Xigaze City has always been the most famous and has the reputation of "the hometown of kadian". With the continuous development of society and economy, the style and function of Tibetan carpets are constantly changing, and Tibetan tapestries have also come into being. 

Tibetan tapestries, also called "Tibetan tapestries", are mainly used to decorate indoor walls. As Tibetan tapestries are not only decorative but also highly appreciative, they present a wide variety of patterns and a wide range of subjects. Contains rich Tibetan Buddhism cultural content, as well as exotic Tibetan folk culture characteristics.

wall tapestry

As a treasure of Tibetan culture and art, Tibetan tapestries have been inherited from history. Today, with the highly developed science and technology and the integration of multiculturalism, they have promoted the development of the national handicraft industry; continue to write on the positive drive of cultural tourism and animal husbandry A new era chapter!

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