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Types and functions of curtains

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Curtains have the function of avoiding interference, separating the space and adjusting the light, and play the role of increasing the privacy and security of the space in the indoor furnishings, and setting off the indoor artistic atmosphere.


1. Types of curtains.

(1) Silk curtains: Silk curtains generally use noble and gorgeous fabrics, which look particularly good gloss.

(2) Gauze curtain: The texture of the gauze curtain is relatively light and thin, which reduces the illuminance of the light and can block the line of sight.

(3) Bamboo blinds and venetian blinds: These two kinds of curtains are mainly used to adjust the light, and the other is convenient when opened.

(4) Nylon curtain: The thermal insulation and sound insulation performance of Nylon curtain is relatively good, and the color tends to be steady.


2. The function of curtains.

(1) Block out the sight from outside and win more private space for individuals.

(2) Absorb or prevent various noises from indoor or outdoor.

(3) Prevent external heat from adversely affecting indoor things, while maintaining internal heat and cold air.

(4) Adjust the indoor light, which can be bright or dark, with strong flexibility.

(5) Prevent dust from entering indoors, avoid mosquito invasion, and prevent wind and rain from drifting into the room.

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