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What you have to know to buy hand-woven tapestry?

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Hand-woven tapestries have been surging in recent years, and they are especially popular among petty-bourgeois youths, especially the new darlings of home decoration in new houses. The main reason people are buying this type of product is to look good.

Let me first introduce the origin of hand-woven tapestries. Macrame is a kind of handmade crafts that has emerged in China since 2015. At the beginning, some finished products or pictures taken by friends who had returned from studying or traveling abroad were circulating in their circle of friends, and then they gradually spread on the public domain network and gained everyone's attention. At the end of the same year, some enthusiasts began to sell this type of products through their own study and research. At the beginning of 2016, our Beijianyi craftsman began to sell hand-woven tapestries on Taobao stores.

If we divide Macrame according to the craft, he can be classified as the knot craft. Knot, a long-standing traditional manual technique. This can be traced back to the record of knotting ropes in ancient times, and later the knotting method evolved into all walks of life in life. For example, fishing and hunting people will use knots in their daily fishing and hunting activities, and nomads will also apply knots; evolved into the Middle Ages in Arab regions, specialized craftsmen began to use knots to weave decorative products, and they were first used to decorate camels. And the carpet; evolved to modern times, the knot craft is integrated into every corner of our lives.

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1. Door curtain/curtain

There are not many styles of this kind of style that are affected by the usage scenarios. There are about twenty styles that are popular in the market, most of which pursue drape and light and shadow effects. Functionally speaking, most styles of woven curtains can only play a semi-blocking effect, which is determined by the characteristics of the craft. What everyone appreciates is the lines and light and shadow effects of the rope knot craft woven curtain.

2. Decorative tapestry

This is the category with the most popular styles, specifications, and materials or craftsmanship on the market. Colors, structures, accessories and auxiliary crafts are varied, and there are many choices. Accessories can be divided into plant materials, animal materials, gold and stone, etc. The auxiliary crafts include brocade, wood art, iron art, leather art, dyeing and cloth art, etc. Highlight uniqueness and show our aesthetic appeal. When we choose, we mainly need to choose suitable decorative tapestries based on your home furnishing style and color scheme. Not for the most expensive but for the most suitable solution. Commonly decorated areas include sofa background walls, porches, bedside background walls, restaurants and other areas. In terms of the function of knot craft tapestry in home furnishings, in addition to decorative embellishments, it can also reconcile the atmosphere of the room. Because we use high-quality cotton ropes and natural accessories for weaving, the texture of the material itself and the texture of the knot will make the space. Bring a breath of nature and simplicity.

wall tapestry

3. Storage category

This type has certain functional requirements. For example, hanging nets for flower pots, racks, hanging tables, etc. The most important thing in the selection or creation of styles is to choose the color of the weaving texture of personal preference under the premise of satisfying the use function. From the perspective of the operator, this type of product is more suitable for intensive mass production, so the cost will be reduced a lot, and the price for consumers will also drop. But if you have individual needs, you need to customize it, although the price will be much more expensive.

4. Lighting

The highlight of chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, ceiling lamps, rope knot craft lighting is to provide better light and shadow effects and the beauty of static weaving patterns while meeting the lighting needs. Why the lighting is taken out separately is because the lighting in the home furnishings plays the role of lighting, decoration, atmosphere creation, and soft partition of functional partitions. Take home improvement as an example. A new house needs at least 10 to 30 lights. According to product characteristics, hand-woven lighting can be used in bedrooms, study rooms, living rooms, entrance halls and other places.

5. Clothing backpack

Wear the knot craft on your body.

6. Household goods

There is a category of selection or development breadth. Let's come together one by one: pillows, partition screens, hanging chairs, hammocks, makeup stools, lounge chairs, sofa stools, bedside stools, table flags, bed curtains, coasters and so on. Then select different products according to different home furnishing styles to create your own style of Eden.

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