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What are the common crafts in home furnishing?

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Home cloth art is a kind of artwork that is woven into the cloth embryo by adding some natural elements and myths that humans learn from nature and life. Through certain folk processing techniques, a kind of artwork that meets its use function and space atmosphere is woven.

The cloth art derived from the soft furnishings has become an "interesting soul" in the eyes of the designer. The cloth art can be seen almost everywhere on the furniture, and it always appears in its precise position, reconciling the atmosphere of the entire space.

In recent years, art hanging paintings made of fabric materials have gradually begun to enter the public's field of vision, using an interesting and simple way to inject new creativity into the home.

In addition, fabric also plays a vital role in home accessories. Various cushions, and small decorative pieces have become the most important finishing touches in the space.

However, in home furnishings, cloth is not only a simple decoration, but also meets our functional needs. Its soft texture will also play a role in warming the space. With it, we can freely display and create the tone of the space without our own inspiration. Moreover, the material of cloth art can be more comfortable in terms of spatial visual sense, which can make us feel happy and produce happiness.

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Nowadays, cloth art will not only be more and more exquisite in terms of feel, touch, drape, firmness, softness, and abrasion resistance, it will also have some special functions such as anti-fouling, anti-wrinkle, anti-mildew, and flame retardant. Next, we will share what common processes it has.

01. Common craft: embroidery craft

Different stitches and diverse and colorful embroidery threads constantly shuttle through the fabric, like an elf dancing between the fingers, which makes people's hearts moving.

In the market, embroidery crafts are divided into two types: hand embroidery and machine embroidery. As one of China's traditional crafts, hand embroidery is most famous for covering the four famous embroidery of Suzhou embroidery.Guangdong embroidery, Hunan embroidery and Shu embroidery; In addition to the common flat embroidery, special embroidery such as appliqué embroidery, sequin embroidery, bead embroidery, cut-hole embroidery, rope show, and pan embroidery are also very mature crafts.

02. Common process: printing process

The printing process is a process in which dyes or paints are used to print on the cloth with a certain color fastness. Compared with the uniform and single dyeing, the printing process can be regarded as an enhanced version of partial dyeing. It is also divided into burnt-out printing and flocking printing.

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Burnt-out printing, as the name suggests, is a process of weaving fabrics with two fibers with different chemical properties, and then printing and dyeing with a chemical agent that can destroy one of the fibers to form a semi-hollow pattern. It can also produce a translucent sandy effect. Come. Flocking printing is a process in which fiber short fleece or nylon is added to the surface of the fabric to form a three-dimensional pattern.

03. Common craft: Jacquard craft

It is a process in which two system yarns arranged perpendicular to each other are interwoven into cloth according to certain rules. Among them, the pattern of small jacquard fabrics is small, and most of them are striped geometric patterns; the pattern of jacquard fabrics is larger, the process can be more complicated, and it is a process that can make a variety of fabric surfaces.

It is worth mentioning that the rich texture and hand feeling in the jacquard can not be replaced by other processes. Curtain fabrics are mostly jacquard fabrics, sofa fabrics are often woven velvet, and bedding products are satin fabrics.

04. Common process: Quilting process

It is a craft that presses and sews the same color or contrast color sewing thread on a solid color fabric, and expresses it through the stitches and the unevenness on the fabric.

The lines of manual quilting are usually short and awkward, which is more suitable for expressing simple graphics, with a simple and warm effect, while machine quilting is more straight and smooth, and can show more complex graphics, which is beautiful and delicate.

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