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Common types of blankets and the disadvantages of next to the skin

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Blankets are used in autumn, so they are personal products. We must have a certain understanding of the use of blankets and some hazards, so that we can use them better in life, and now There are many types of blankets on the market. Let's learn about the harms of next-to-body blankets? Common types of blankets? Interested friends come and have a look. I hope I can help everyone.


1. The harm of next to the blanket

Blankets woven with pure wool are not harmful to the skin, just like underwear, they can be close to the skin; but some of the blankets are of poor material and quality, and the price is low. Because of the complex ingredients, people who are sensitive to the skin are not suitable for close-fitting; and some people feel acupuncture sensation on blended or even pure wool blankets, just like a sweater directly on the body, it will feel uncomfortable. Therefore, for children to use blankets, it is appropriate to use good quality blankets, and decide whether to directly fit the body according to your own feelings.

In fact, the hygiene of the blanket is the most important thing. Many people do not clean it often because of its heavy weight. It will stain bacteria and even mites, which is of course bad for the health. Then, this point must be paid special attention.


2. Common types of blankets

(1) According to raw materials

Wool blankets, acrylic blankets, artificial wool blankets, blended blankets, cashmere blankets, camel blankets.

(2) According to color distribution

Jacquard blankets, plain blankets, grid blankets, road blankets, printed blankets.

(3) According to processing method

Fleece blanket, water pattern blanket, standing fleece blanket, hot stamping blanket, embossing blanket, brushing blanket.

The above article mainly introduces you to the harms of blankets, and all the common types of blankets. I believe you have read this article and understand the harms of blankets, because blankets are the ones we use more. A quilt is also a personal product, so when we use it, we must use the correct method.

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