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There is no emotion that cannot be cured by a cushion? Four principles of cushion space matching

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The cushion is really a good and comfortable thing with a universal healing system. In film and television works, you can always see the heroine holding a big soft cushion and chatting with people, or the family enjoys watching a drama with the cushion. And when you are tired, you plunge into the sofa and the comfort of a cushion is really indescribable: putting a cushion behind your waist can relieve tension in your back and drive away fatigue.

The sofa is our second bed. When you want to relax and hold a soft and comfortable cushion, whether it is reading a book, listening to music, drinking coffee, or chatting, happiness instantly surrounds you. According to psychological research, a cushion can make people produce A sense of belonging at home. If you can change the design and color of the cushion with the season and mood, you can add a lot of life interest. The placement of cushions seems very random, but in fact there are traces to follow. Let's first talk about some basic placement principles.

cushion cover

1. Place the combination to the Nth power

1) Symmetrical placement:

The most basic criterion for cushion placement is big back and small front, which can enhance the visual hierarchy and make it easier to match colors.

The big one is at the back and the small one is at the front. A group of two is placed symmetrically.

2) The color, texture, and style are all symmetrical, so that the home is more intellectual and organized. You can try to choose a series of patterns, stripes, letters, and other uniform styles.

3) The singular number can be selected on the basis of symmetry, a distinctive shape cushion is independent of the pair of cushions. Choosing a singular cushion shape can be special, such as rectangular, animal-shaped, circular, etc. The animal shape is lively and free, and the irregular shape enlivens the atmosphere.

4) You can also pile up sofas, just for casual comfort, surrounded by a sense of security, just want to plunge in place a blanket on one side to create a casual and lazy look, so that people just want to sink into it when they see it, and be an enchanting and exquisite drama watcher.

2. Vision follows spatial integration

Why do some family cushions and sofas are harmoniously integrated, while others look very abrupt in color? The collocation of cushion colors seems to be random but hides mystery.

1) To extend or compensate for spatial color.

2) It should be similar or contrasting with the sofa.

Similar colors are easier to create a space atmosphere, making the place where the vision falls soft and comfortable, conveying the same emotion.

cushion cover

3. Choose different materials in different seasons

Cushions can be divided into cotton, peach skin, silk and other cushions according to the materials they make. Cushions of different materials give people different feelings. Generally speaking, most people think that cushions made of peach skin are soft and comfortable.

When summer comes, the best cushions are made of pure hemp fabrics. The strong moisture absorption and breathability of hemp fibers can be called air-conditioning cushions in summer, and there are more high-end silk fragrant cloud yarn cushions, even more cushions. The best materials.

Cushions made of hemp fiber fabrics and silk fragrant cloud yarn fabrics can be used in summer, especially in the humid and humid areas of the south.

4. The choice of padding inside the cushion

1) Buckwheat cushions-there is a reason

Of course, the buckwheat-filled cushion will be the first choice.The traditional stuff has been passed down, and there is always its truth.

Buckwheat has a tough and unbreakable rhombus structure, and the buckwheat hull cushion can change shape as the head moves left and right, making it very comfortable to lie down. It should be noted that the cleaning should be regularly placed in the sun.

2) Feather cushion-easy to use but not easy to clean

A good down cushion should use a larger down, which has better bulkiness, can provide better support for the head, and will not be deformed due to long use. Down cushions are cushions with good materials, but the disadvantage is that they cannot be washed.

3) Foam particle cushion-the best cushion filling

In recent years, foam particles have gradually become popular due to their soft and changeable support body. It has a silky feel, the particles are inside the cushion, and it has good fluidity. It is elastic, not easily deformed, has a soft texture and is environmentally friendly, and it is also very convenient to clean.

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