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Functional use of sofa cushions

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Sofa cushions are used by every household. Below, let's take a look at the functions of sofa cushions.

Sofa cushion function.

1. Sofa cushions soften hard life

Cushions and sofas, mattresses, bedspreads, curtains, tablecloths and other fabrics form the soft environment of the room, which enables people to maintain a physical and psychological balance in the hard environment of the living space. From a visual point of view, it can dilute people's feeling of rigidity and firmness on hard objects such as furniture, and play a visual effect of combining rigidity and softness.

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2. Sofa cushions light up monotonous life

The sofa cushion is a very practical decoration. Putting a novel cushion in the living room not only has sufficient practical value, but also has a strong decorative effect and aesthetic taste. The cushions with dark patterns are graceful and luxurious, suitable for decorating luxurious homes. The colorful cushions are suitable for modern-style rooms. Cushions with warm colors are suitable for the elderly, cushions with cool colors are mostly adopted by young people, and cushions with cartoon patterns are popular among children.

A sofa cushion with a single gorgeous color seems to be incompatible with the entire space, but choosing 7 colors to embellish it will make the space vibrant. Putting the cushions on sofas, stools and other seats can not only adjust the height and inclination of the seats, but also increase the softness and comfort. At the same time, it can also reduce friction between the underwear and the sofa frame. The cushion on the bed can be used as a pillow, and the cushion on the ground can be used as a cushion, eliminating fatigue at any time.

3. Sofa cushions change the decoration style

The shapes of sofa cushions mainly include square, round, heart, triangle, crescent shape, and various animal and cartoon shapes, but most families will use square cushions.

Seeking pattern changes in the unchanging shape can well change the original rigid and single decoration style. If you are looking for an active life, you can also put some mainstream element pattern sofa cushions at home, or put some unique shaped cushions to highlight your youthful vitality and individual life.

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Principles of sofa cushion matching

1. The first principle of sofa cushion cover matching is to look at the color first. The color of the cushion cover directly touches people's naked eyes. Therefore, the appearance color of the cushion cover determines the majority to a relatively large extent. Therefore, whether it is a sofa cushion cover or other cushion cover, it is necessary to purchase Think about what color to choose to match your sofa or other bed. For example, your home decoration style is more elegant and clean, so you can choose a cushion cover with floral patterns or warm color series. Such as the first sofa cushion cover picture recommended by the editor. The cushion cover in the picture is fresh and natural in color. It is a very good quality cushion cover product in this mall.

2. The second point of the sofa cushion cover matching principle is the shape. Cushion covers, like pillows, have various shapes, such as rectangular, square, round and oval shapes. The purchase of sofa cushion covers should also be based on the shape of the sofa cushion. When choosing a cushion cover of a suitable sofa style, for example, your sofa at home is more rustic, or the color is simple and elegant, and the sofa cushion cover in the second picture recommended by the editor for you will feel the atmosphere Is it very harmonious.

3. It is made of cotton material, which is quite comfortable and soft to use, and brings a different soft feeling to your back. It is designed like a wave point but also has a variety of colors and styles. It matches the living room sofa at home. Does it feel like a novelty?

How to choose a cushion

How to choose a cushion-color

The first is the color. You need to consider the warm and cold tones of the home decoration. Of course, it does not have to be uniform. The opposite color will make your mood jump. It depends on your preference. If you want to be conservative and safe, choose to be consistent with the home environment. of. The most important thing is that the fabric must not fade, it is not healthy, and it is easy to infect other clothes.

How to choose a cushion-material

Secondly, materials: Although the most comfortable and healthy are natural fabrics, such as cotton, wool and linen, but different weavings will also affect the effect. People who are allergic to fine fibers and fur should not buy those fluffy ones as much as possible, because the fluffy fluff will make you uncomfortable and difficult to take care of; some hemp will be hard and slightly piercing if it is not handled well.

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