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What material is good for the waist cushion?

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1. Choose a cushion with a curvature. A curved cushion is much better than a non-curved cushion, and it has enough strength to support the waist. It is best to choose a cushion with a lordosis, the size of which varies from person to person. The correct placement is from below the shoulder blades to the hips. Choose the style that best fits your waist curve. Some cushions also have protruding curvatures on the left and right sides.  If you often drive, you can choose this type of cushion, which is more protective.

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2. Choose a cushion made of memory foam or plastic sheet material. The materials of cushions on the market are divided into four types: mesh, stretch cotton, memory foam, and plastic board. Generally speaking, memory foam and plastic sheet have the strongest support. There are also many people who use plush toys as back cushions. They feel that the stuffed cotton used inside is soft and comfortable, but this material can disperse less pressure and cannot be used by middle-aged and elderly people and people with pain.

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3. Pay attention when using cushions, no matter which type of cushions, you must lean against them to be effective. In addition, the buttocks should occupy the entire chair surface, so that the waist and back are completely close to the back of the chair, and the feet are flat on the ground. This posture is the most labor-saving and comfortable, and helps maintain smooth blood circulation in the legs. People with shorter stature can choose a thicker cushion. If you add cushions, your hips can't cover the seat surface. It is recommended to put your body close to the back of the chair and put a box under your feet with your knees higher than your hips. In addition to adding cushions, pulling the chair closer to the table, or bringing the computer screen closer to you can also reduce the chance of hunched over.

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