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The difference between hand warming cushion and ordinary cushion

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The difference between a hand warmer cushion and an ordinary cushion. Many people in life have the habit of collecting cute trinkets. Whether on the Internet or watching TV, they like to hold a cute hand warmer cushion. It is not only comfortable but also very warm, especially It was in the cold weather that suddenly increased the sense of warmth. The new hand warmer cushion is the best warm product in winter. What is the difference between it and ordinary cushion?

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The difference between the hand warmer cushion and the ordinary cushion introduction 1: First, the style, the new type of cushion design, increased the warm design of inserting hands, a bit similar to the warm sleeve feel, warm material and soft feel, allowing hands to be inserted After that, I immediately felt the warmth. Ordinary cushions do not have an insert design. Although they can also increase warmth by holding them on the chest, they cannot feel the warmth of the skin.

The difference between hand warming cushions and ordinary cushions is introduced 2: Actually, in terms of function, emerging cushions have a heating function, which is mainly heated through the USB socket. It is simple and safe. After heating, the warming effect of the cushion is longer, even if you go out, Don't be afraid of freezing your hands. 

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The difference between hand warming cushion and ordinary cushion is introduced 3: Finally, it is multifunctional and practical. In addition to the basic functions of the cushion and the effect of warming hands, the emerging cushion also serves as an air-conditioning quilt. It can be said that although the physical examination is small, the function is powerful. A variety of cute cartoon designs make it more practical and beautiful.

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