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Do you know how to buy tapestries?

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Nowadays, tapestries have also become an indispensable part of home decoration. A hand-woven tapestry with strong colors not only has high practical value such as warmth, silencer, comfort and environmental protection, but also expresses the owner's cultural taste and lifestyle.

Tapestry is also called "tapestry". The raw materials and weaving method are the same as carpets, which are used for indoor wall decoration. Syrian tapestries are woven by hand, and most of the dyeing still uses plant pigments to make it look soft and coordinated and not easy to fade. It has good flexibility, noise reduction and noise resistance, and is durable and strong overall. Not only has a strong Islamic cultural connotation, but also a collection of practicality, collection, and appreciation. The quality of the tapestry should be paid attention to: in addition to the characteristics and processing of the fiber, it is also related to the density, weight, and twisting method of the plush fiber. The denser the pile, the better, the better the texture and appearance of the tapestry can be maintained. Basically, short-haired and densely woven tapestries are more durable.

wall tapestry

Tapestry match

1. Pattern and pattern matching. After combining the overall home decoration style, follow the three matching principles. The first is the contrast effect, that is, the contrast of the size and color of the flower; the second is the close coordination, the flower form is similar, the color is similar, such as pink colors can be easily matched with each other; the third is to maintain the same family, the same theme, the same family color.

2. Choose different suspension methods according to the difference of space layout, you can adjust the visual experience of the space.

3. The tapestry is best to echo certain details of the room, such as color, shape, texture, etc., which will achieve unexpected results.

wall tapestry

4. When hanging tapestries, match colors according to different spaces. For example, the interior of modern home decoration style is mainly white, but bright and lively colors are the main choice. The color is too heavy, which is more suitable for the end of the corridor or a large area of vacant wall, which can attract people's sight and play a decorative effect.

5. Most of the bedrooms use tapestries, which can well bring out the warm home atmosphere of the bedroom.

Tapestry cleaning and maintenance

1. The tapestry should be installed at least 4 inches from the wall.

2. Tapestry is generally cleaned once regularly. When cleaning tapestry, use a round soft brush. Do not use too much force when cleaning. Wipe gently to avoid damage.

3. If the tapestry is slightly wrinkled, it can be ironed with a hanging steamer.

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