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What are the advantages of silk curtains?

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What are the advantages of silk curtains?

1. Silk curtains = fireproof appliances.

Because silk is flame retardant. Burn the silk curtain with a lighter, it will turn to gray and will not ignite other objects like polyester. If there is no fire source, the silk will automatically go out and will not continue to burn. So silk curtains = fire extinguishers.


2. Silk curtains = a soundproof wall.

Pulling the silk curtains, the noise outside the window diminished instantly. Other curtains also have a mute effect, but the role of silk is particularly obvious. Why? Because silk fabric has a higher porosity, it has good sound absorption and air absorption.

3. Silk curtain = intelligent humidification dryer.

Silk protein fiber is rich in many hydrophilic genes. Because of its porosity, it is easy for water molecules to diffuse, so it can absorb or emit water in the air and maintain a certain amount of water.


4. Silk curtain = a box of mite removal soap.

The sericin component of silk has the ability to prevent the breeding of mites and molds, and has the effect of anti-bacterial, skin-friendly and anti-allergic. Another explanation is that cecropin is derived from the complex immune system of silkworms. This kind of antibacterial active protein gives silk with antibacterial and anti-mildew natural properties. The industry also uses silk powder as raw material to make food preservation packaging. To put it more simply, using real silk does not grow acne (acne caused by mites).

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