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Upholstery cloth popular and unique expression technique

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With the broadening of people's artistic vision and the continuous pursuit of individual fashion, higher requirements have been placed on the patterns of decorative fabrics. Recently, the popular pattern styles and expression methods of decorative fabrics such as curtain fabrics and sofa cloth mainly include the following:

Home Decoration

Traditional expression methods: the patterns of fine brushwork flowers and birds, landscape figures, especially the rendering part of the picture, are fully expressed. Even the ink-washed Chinese painting works can be vividly reproduced on the transfer printing products.

Expression techniques of Western paintings: using various forms such as pencil, pen sketch, ink and watercolor, etc., to finely depict the light and shade and light and color changes of objects, fully expressing its three-dimensional and spatial sense. A pencil drawing with rich layers, processed by computer, has a lithograph-like effect.

Home Decoration

Texture-style expression methods: the patterns or parts of patterns obtained by rubbing, splashing, spraying, tie-dyeing, batik, etc., are processed by computer and subtly integrated into flower petals or leaves. In this way, the overall effect of the pattern can give people a refreshing feeling.

The comprehensive application of traditional techniques and computer image processing technology: because the dyes on the transfer printing fabrics are printed from the printed paper, they are good at expressing colorful images with rich layers and strong expressive power. 

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