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How the cushion cover is made?

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Step 1: Prepare tools and materials

Cushion covers may seem simple, but there are a lot of methods for cushion covers. Everyone follows the steps of the cushion covers that I have reduced to. Generally, there will be no mistakes. Then the first step in the practice of cushion covers is to prepare tools and materials. Specifically include: scissors, needlework, cushion cover fabrics and lace, small flowers and other decorations. When preparing cushion cover fabrics, you can choose according to your own preferences.

cushion covers

Step 2: Simply match the fabric

The most important thing about the cushion case is the second step of the cushion case-simple matching of fabrics. Before making the cushion cover, we prepared the cushion cover fabric and some decorations. At this time, we need to make a simple collocation of these cushion cover fabrics, and we must have a picture of the finished cushion cover in our mind. And our principle of matching cushion cover fabrics is to focus on beauty and practicality. The fabric should be comfortable, and the fancy color should not be too fancy.

Step 3: Making the inner cushion cover

After the cushion cover fabrics are matched, we will start to make the inner cushion cover. This is also an important step in the practice of cushion covers. cushion covers are generally divided into inner and outer layers. Although the inner cushion cover is optional, I still recommend that you make one, because it is also more convenient to remove and wash. The inner layer is directly cut according to the required size, and then straightened In contrast, leave a wide exit, and after stitching, you can put the cushion into it. The method of inner cushion cover is relatively simple.

cushion covers

Step 4: Making the outer cushion cover

Then the third step in our cushion cover approach is the outer cushion cover approach. Use the same method to cut the outer fabric, but the outer cushion cover needs to pay attention to the size changes. The outer layer is longer and wider than the inner layer by more than 2cm. In order to facilitate the cushion core to fit in. Therefore, in the practice of the outer cushion cover, one of the sides should be folded in half according to the length and cut from the middle. Then, after sewing all the sides directly opposite, sew a zipper or button on one of the openings. In this way, the outer cushion cover is made.

Step five: sewing patterns or decorations

In the fourth step of the cushion case, the shape of the cushion case is formed. However, some friends may choose a plain fabric, which looks simpler. Then at this time we can proceed to the fifth step of the cushion cover, adding some patterns or decorations to the cushion cover. As for the choice of patterns and decorations for the cushion cover, friends can choose according to their own preferences, and then sew them where needed. After reading the content of the article, do you think that the method of cushion cover is very simple, so start now and make a unique cushion cover of your own!

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