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The best wall hanging artwork,tapestries and soft furniture to decorate your walls

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These novel wall decorations can illuminate any room beyond traditional art, and wall decorations are making a comeback. Reinterpreted from the 70s-style textured wall hanger, from the miracle of woven wool and lace to plain weave and fashionable tassels.

Textured wall hangings can replace paintings or posters and are a cool contemporary alternative. Renaissance has injected new vitality into the retro trend, combining modern designs such as geometric patterns with new and exciting color combinations (such as terracotta, mustard and dark pink).


Wall-mounted tapestries are a relaxed and generally affordable way to add warmth to a room or update areas that require additional lighting. They vary in size, from subtle to large and expressive. Use oversized wall hangings as a prominent core, or mix styles and sizes to adapt to the new eclectic gallery wall style.

In the woven wall hanging department, there are a variety of styles to choose from, including round outlines inspired by Art Deco style, colorful geometric patterns, Aztec statements, cool bohemian lace ornaments from the 70s and The tapestry is woven with a variety of materials such as wool, cotton and hemp, usually finished with pompons, tassels and tassels.

If you are looking for non-woven decorations, wall charts can also cause waves and give off a retro atmosphere, usually with floral, jungle or palm patterns. Or choose modern metal or fabric wall art with animal head styles, celestial shapes such as stars and sunbursts, and dream catchers.


We have organized our favorite wall hanging materials, from the living room, dining area, bedroom, bathroom to the back, it will look perfect in any space in your home.

Lace wall hanging

We kind of like this fringed bohemian style fringed lace decoration inside. Made of super soft cotton cloth, its complex patterns and details point to high-quality items. We hung it in the living room, threw in leather safari chairs, succulents or cacti, and cute washed linen, hemp or Berber cushions, just in Savvydeco, creating a real SoCal style.

Woven Kilim wall hanging

This wool woven wall hanging from Savvydeco is perfect for anyone who likes Boho-Meets-Scandi style atmosphere. The mixed use of natural materials and simple, clean lines makes it exude a relaxed but minimal feeling.


Afaw Berber style wall hanging

Who says Berber is just for the carpet? This large wall hanging is made of 100% cotton and can add an exotic touch to any room. It is best matched with simple natural materials such as reclaimed wood and concrete, as well as rattan, jute or woven accessories. A lovely hanging shock film.

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