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What are the characteristics and functions of the decoration process?

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1.The use of embroidery technology

Among the many decorative crafts, embroidery is the most beautiful and ornamental. When embroidering crafts, the designer must first determine the pattern that needs thorns, and then perform the operation. This operation is very complicated and It takes enough patience, but it also has the best decorative effect. When recreating clothing fabrics, the embroidery process does not only use a single needle method, it can be used by mixing multiple needle methods, so that the result will be more satisfying. The embroidery process is slowly being used by designers, and it is also used in fabric reconstruction design, and then combined with other design methods to show the beauty of clothing design. For example, the foreign Dior company has embroidered this craft in many fashion shows, and it has achieved very good results.

Embroidery decoration

2.Use of inlay process

The inlay process includes many small processes, among which the embellishment is more distinctive, and it can use different fabrics to embellish the hem of the clothes. Then there is the trimming process. In some respects, it is very similar to the embossing process. Both of them play a role in modifying the edge of the clothing. However, the materials used in the trimming process and the application The scope is different. Finally, there is the thread embedding process. Most of this process is to inlay the clip between different layers of the clothing to improve the contrast of the clothing fabric reconstruction.

3.Use of dividing line process

For modern clothing decoration technology, the use of segmentation technology is very common, there are two main applications, one is functional segmentation, and the other is model segmentation. The measure taken is to use the shape dividing line to divide the clothing into different parts, so as to meet the requirements of the clothing design as a whole and in local areas. The dividing line can have many different forms, such as horizontal line, vertical line, curve, arc, etc., and the position of the dividing line can also be different, and the number can also be changed. This flexible combination method makes the effect more obvious . Men's clothing mostly uses straight line segmentation, which can better reflect the unrestrained characteristics of men's clothing. Women's clothing mostly uses curve segmentation, which can better reflect the feminine beauty. The modelling and segmentation process does not seem to be difficult, but it is still very difficult to achieve perfection. In addition, other functions must be considered when implementing segmentation. Therefore, when using model segmentation, it is necessary to accumulate a lot of experience and understand the craftsmanship in order to better master this craft.

Embroidery decoration

To sum up, the decoration technology plays a very important role in the design of clothing fabrics. It can improve the plasticity of the fabrics, and it can also improve the beauty of the fabrics. Therefore, the modern clothing industry should use more decoration technology and dig deeper into the decoration. The role of craftsmanship in the re-creation of apparel fabrics to promote the development of apparel fabrics. From the current point of view, decoration crafts have been used a lot in clothing design, and there are many types included. Different decoration crafts have their own characteristics and functions.

Analyze these processes according to different characteristics and analyze their functional characteristics. Based on these analysis results, use different processes reasonably to improve the performance of clothing.

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