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The difference between soundproof curtains and ordinary curtains

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Noise-proof curtains are different from ordinary curtains. Nowadays, many families pay special attention to the problem of noise pollution when decorating, especially the houses facing the street. It is easy to hear the whistle of cars on the road, which disturbs normal rest. So soundproof curtains came into being.


The difference between soundproof curtains and ordinary curtains

1. Material difference

The sound insulation channel management is composed of many kinds of fabrics, which are generally scrubbed fabrics, which are not easily damaged and have a thicker texture. There are more ordinary curtain materials, linen or plastic are more common, its material is not as sound-absorbing as sound-proof curtains, and the sound insulation effect is relatively poor.

2. The difference between lifting and lowering

Soundproof curtains are generally electric or remote control, which looks high-end and high-end. Ordinary curtains generally rely on manual to achieve up and down, which is not as convenient as soundproof curtains.


3. The difference in sound insulation effect

After professional performance testing, real sound-proof curtains can increase the sound insulation up to 8-12 decibels (large low-frequency sound insulation), which can replace the second layer of double-layer soundproof windows. The sound insulation effect of ordinary curtains is not so good.

4. Price difference

The price of soundproof curtains is higher than that of ordinary curtains. At present, the soundproof curtains on the market have good and bad quality products, and the prices are also uneven. Consumers must distinguish between good and bad when buying.

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