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Six household items that enhance happiness

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Pushing the door and slumping into the soft sofa, unloading the armor and venting the whole body, simplicity, comfort, and security are the only truths of the family. The living consciousness is awakened, and the decoration concept must keep up! Instead of focusing on the carved TV wall and earthy crystal lamp for others, it is better to find a way to make the living room more intimate and practical.

1. Upgrade sofa comfort

cushion covers

Sofa cushions are not an undesirable furnishings with cushions and pillows of different sizes. Sitting for a long time does not hurt your body. There is an artifact on the armrest of the fabric sofa, so you can enjoy hot tea without fear of spilling. When you are too lazy to get up, reaching out to get what you want to use is really a comfort in life.

2. Intimate small coffee table on the side of the sofa

Home Decoration

The larger and bulky coffee table has lower storage efficiency and is far less flexible than flexible sofa-side small furniture. The main function of the small apartment living room is daily relaxation rather than meeting guests, but the small side of the simple storage is enough. Occasionally use it as a side table to put a teacup, so you don’t fear chaos when you use it up. When not in use, the small side can be pushed to the side of the sofa without getting in the way. You can display the books you read and the wine you want to drink here. You can also move the sofa forward and insert it into an ultra-thin shelf, which is within reach, and is also a small detail that makes the home more convenient.

3. Sofa corner shelf

Home Decoration

We find that there are always corners and corners around the sofa that are difficult to use. Making full use of it can make the sofa less messy.

The concave wall next to the sofa can be placed with a multi-layer shelf, which can store more items than a low cabinet, and can also set up a three-dimensional green corner.

There is no need to create a partition at the junction of the hallway and the hallway. A row of bookcases naturally separates the space, and also gives the living room a little more book fragrance.

The free space by the sofa, put some small storage furniture, will be very practical~

4. Carpet

Home Decoration

If conditions permit, a soft wool carpet in the center of the living room is best. Stepping on the soft carpet will make you feel relaxed, comfortable and reduce fatigue. There will be no tremor caused by frequent collisions between hard ground and soles. It is also a good way to improve the foot feel of the living room.

5. Storage soft seat

Home Decoration

The sofa chaise longue is an element that many people must choose when buying a modular sofa, so that their legs and feet can completely relax when watching TV. In fact, the pouf also has a similar function. The price of a footstool is generally less than a quarter of the matching sofa chair, but it has more functions such as storage, spare stool, and decoration. Without a chaise couch, flexible use of low stools or lazy cushions can greatly enhance the comfort of the living room.

6. Table lamp

If you like to read books and your teammates like to watch movies, add a lamp next to the sofa. This light source is convenient for reading and does not affect the light source for watching movies.

Home Decoration

The most important thing about lighting is to have a sense of hierarchy. Because of different living habits, adding a table lamp next to the sofa will help the family harmony.

Putting down the phone, leaving the computer, and turning off the ipad, the living room can make you feel more of the meaning of home. Use your imagination, I believe you can also have a comfortable living room that suits you!

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