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If you want to make your home a little different, why not try a tapestry

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The white wall is empty, pale and weak? Although the photo wall looks good, but occasionally find it cumbersome or slightly boring? Feel boring after painting the wall paint for a long time? Is the visual numb after the wallpaper is posted for a long time? Why not try a more interesting and artistic style...such as tapestries. Tapestry is also called tapestry. Its principle and weaving method are the same as carpets, but it is most used for indoor wall decoration.

Since ancient times, Xinjiang, Tibet, and Inner Mongolia have been good at weaving tapestries with wool. Generally, tapestries are based on landscapes, flowers, birds and beasts, figures, architectural scenery, etc. Art forms such as Chinese painting, oil painting, decorative painting, and photography can all be expressed. Tapestry is not only decorative, but also appreciative, the characteristics of the times it reflects. Large tapestries are mostly used in public places such as auditoriums and clubs, while small tapestries are mostly used in houses and bedrooms.

wall tapestry

1. How to buy tapestries

Be sure to pay attention to the material when purchasing tapestries. There are many kinds of tapestries on the market, such as wool, artificial wool, plant woven, etc. We must fully understand the characteristics and characteristics of these materials.

First of all, the material of animal hair is generally warmer and softer, and it is not easy to shed and shed hair. The artificial wool is not necessarily, the tapestry of artificial wool is relatively easy to shed hair. The tapestries of plant woven fabrics generally feel a bit stiff, so it is generally recommended that you choose the first two materials that are relatively more suitable.

When buying a tapestry, you must pay attention to measuring the size of the placement, because when we buy a tapestry, if we do not pay attention to measuring the size, buying or selling tapestry will affect some of the actual decorative effects. Before buying a tapestry, it is recommended that you think about the reserved space and measure a more accurate number, so that the size of the tapestry you bought is appropriate and the decorative effect of the placement can be fully reflected.

2. Tapestry matching rules

①Match according to the decoration style and color of your own house.

When choosing a tapestry, you should not only pay attention to the pattern and color of the tapestry, but also match the decoration style and tone of your house.

If the house decoration is mainly white, then the tapestries can be lively and brighter colors. The tapestries with heavier colors are generally hung on large-area walls such as entrances or corridors.

②If it is a tapestry hanging in the bedroom.

Most bedrooms choose tapestries with soft warm colors, which can well bring out the warm home atmosphere of the bedroom.

wall tapestry

③When hanging tapestries, match the colors of different spaces.

If it is the interior of the current home improvement style, then the whole interior is generally white, so you should choose tapestries with bright and lively colors. However, tapestries with heavy colors are more suitable for the end of the corridor or a large area of vacant walls, which can attract people's attention and play a decorative effect.

④ When tapestry is taped, it is best to echo certain details in the room, such as color, shape, texture, etc., so that unexpected visual effects can be easily achieved.

⑤The tapestry can be hung in different ways according to the difference in space layout. It is easy to fully adjust the visual experience of the space.

3. Precautions for tapestries

Before hanging the tapestry, check to see what your wall is made of. If they are made of lime then you can hang floral tapestries on the wall or one inch away from the wall.

If your walls are made of thin stone, then use brackets and keep the wall tapestry two inches away from the wall.

When choosing tapestry, we must consider what its living environment is like, whether it is classic or modern, simple or complicated, the choice of tapestry for different styles of home environment is different. At the same time, you should pay attention to the details of the use of tapestries according to the placement.

Generally, you are advised not to expose and wash the tapestries frequently. After all, frequent cleaning will affect the service life of the tapestry. In addition, it is best to dry the tapestry in the sun after cleaning and put it away in time to prevent insects. termite.

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