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Best blanket for sofa

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Whether you want to cover up the sofa or want something warm to hug under the sofa, blankets are the obvious choice. You can find various sofa blankets in various colors, materials and thicknesses, so it is worth spending some time to choose the right blanket.

In this guide, we covered all the information needed to choose the best blanket for the sofa. 


Matters needing attention when choosing sofa blankets


The sofa blanket can be made of a variety of materials. One of the most popular options is polyester wool, also known as microfiber or polar wool. This material is very soft and feels good to fit the skin. In addition, it is made of dense fibers and can absorb heat, so it is very suitable for keeping warm in cold weather. If you like natural fibers, consider using cotton or wool. Cotton blankets are usually lighter, although you can find some thicker cotton flannel options. Despite the warmth, wool blankets can feel a little scratchy and expensive.


The size of the blanket you need depends on how you want to use it. If you want to cover the sofa with it, the bigger the better, and the compact 30 x 40 inch blanket is suitable for kids or as a small circle blanket. In order to ugg on the sofa, you need a blanket, the blanket must be large enough to cover the whole body or envelop yourself. We recommend that you share a blanket that is at least 50 x 65 inches, or larger if you want to share.



Sofa blankets are available in a variety of solid colors, so once you find a blanket you like, it is expected to appear in the desired color. You may want the blanket to fit your sofa, or a contrasting color sofa. Those who have dark neutral sofas such as black or gray can choose a bright blanket to get some color. You can also find some blankets with prints or patterns, such as plaid or polka dots.



Most sofa blankets have a standard hem, but some blankets have tassels or tassels on the edges.


Most sofa blankets cost between $20 and $60, but you can find high-end or designer products that cost up to $300 and sometimes even higher.


Q: Can sofa blankets be machine washed?

Answer: Yes, sofa blankets can almost only be machine washed. We recommend that you avoid using anything else that is not suitable for use, because sofa blankets will quickly become dirty due to normal use. Depending on the material of the blanket, it may or may not be suitable for tumble drying. Before washing and drying, please check the label for more accurate instructions.

Q: Can I buy a blanket that covers the entire sofa?

Answer: If you are looking for a blanket to cover an old sofa to trim it, or to protect a new sofa from muddy paws and sticky fingers, you may need a blanket to cover the entire sofa. Although many sofa blankets are not big enough, you can find some oversized blankets to get the job done. For example, a king-size blanket should cover the backrest, seat, and armrest of a two-seater or three-seater sofa. If you can't find a blanket covering the entire sofa, you can find a blanket tucked around the seat cushion, another blanket on the backrest, and even a few small blankets for each armrest.

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