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The best outdoor pouf

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Outdoor space should be comfortable and pleasant, but outdoor furniture may be stiff and difficult to be comfortable. Outdoor poufs are luxurious alternatives to seats or footstools.

Although it is easy to use them with bean bag chairs, the unique design of the outdoor piers keeps them strong in all weather conditions. The top design is waterproof, heavy, and can be treated with anti-ultraviolet paint. As far as filling is concerned, you can find outdoor poufs with granules, polyester or beads.

Precautions for choosing outdoor seating


The outdoor poufs are filled with various materials, some are not filled, so you can choose your own filling. Polyester beans are a popular choice because they can keep the cushions light and flexible. Polyester filling (the same filling used in pillows) is soft and comfortable, but may compress or become lumpy over time. So far, inflatable cushions are the most portable, but they pose a risk of puncture.



Although they do not have any standard sizes, it is recommended that you choose an outdoor pouf so that you can put your feet comfortably on it. Smaller cushions are between 12 and 16 inches wide, while larger or oversized cushions can be up to 36 inches wide.


Outdoor cushions are usually round or cylindrical, although some are cubic. Some piers are shaped like animals and plants, such as turtles, frogs, mushrooms or flowers.


If possible, buy weatherproof or waterproof outdoor poufs. Otherwise, you need to bring it indoors every time the weather is bad. Fabric-covered cushions are usually treated with waterproof paint to help water and moisture beads on the surface fall off. Naturally water-resistant made of plastic or weatherproof rattan, it maintains the best condition in thunderstorms. Although they become saturated when exposed to rain or snow for a long time, some vegan leather cushions can still work well in moderately humid conditions.


Design diagram

Outdoor seating is far from simple furniture. In fact, they are very stylish and can add color to the poolside or terrace. The single-color pouf blends perfectly with your other outdoor furniture. Those with designs or patterns may match, but even if they don't match, they will stand out in a charming way.

Deal with

It is not uncommon to regularly move outdoor piers on the porch or terrace. Considering their shape, many poufs are equipped with handles to make them easy to carry. Handles are more common on heavy or oversized cushions.

Sofa cover

Some outdoor cushions have zipper covers. Depending on the brand, you may be able to purchase other sofa covers with different designs. Considering that they will absorb dust, pollen and dirt, they are usually machine washable, which is an ideal feature.

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