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How wall hangings illuminate interior decoration for hundreds of years?

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If you are looking for a way to add warmth and texture to any room in your home, you may want to consider hanging a tapestry on the wall. This textile art has been used to improve interior decoration for centuries, and now, Savvydeco makes it easier than ever to place wall-mounted houses in your home.

In recent years, wall hangings have become popular again. Once regarded as simple dormitory decoration or only used for bohemian decoration, it is now being valued for its artistic quality. More than ever, people like to use textiles to soften the interior decoration and bring some movement to the interior.

Whether you put the wall hanging on the bed, above the sofa or on the curved wall, traditional murals are difficult to hang, so modern wall hangings become the perfect decoration. Because they are lightweight, you don't need to worry about having to put anchors in the wall. In fact, tapestry has a lot of flexibility, even if you are renting and don't want to punch holes in the wall, tapestry will work properly. Velcro, nails and thumbtacks are all options for fixing flowing fabrics. However, if you want to make an elegant statement, you can dangle it on a pole, use a poster stand, or even frame it.

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So where does the tradition of tapestries come from? We must go back to the Middle Ages to find the answer.

The history of wall hangings

Although it was discovered that the tapestry can be traced back to ancient Greece, it was indeed during the 14th century AD that they found a foothold. These textiles are popular throughout Europe and are woven by hand on looms. Although cotton, linen and wool are popular materials, it is not uncommon to find that silver, gold and silk are woven into more gorgeous tapestries. These magnificent statements are often hung on the throne, and their portability allows kings and nobles to collect them and take them to different residences.

Although Germany and Switzerland were home to early workshops, the media did make strides in Flanders in the 16th century. There, studios full of skilled artists flourish, and they often collaborate with today's best artists to design and produce a large number of tapestries. A good example is the tapestries designed by Raphael, which are still hung in the Vatican Museum in Rome, Italy.

wall tapestry

Later, in the 19th century, William Morris created fashionable wall hangings based on the design of pre-Raphaelite artist Edward Burne-Jones, thus reviving the art of tapestry making.

After the Second World War, artists began to transform into weavers and began to make their own designs. Tapestry exhibitions began to appear throughout Europe and the United States to give their work value. Art courses began to teach fiber art, and by the 1980s it became a popular part of art schools.

The continued enthusiasm for tapestries is a testament to the lasting legacy of these artworks.

Modern wall hanging

Now that we have understood how tapestries are used in the home and their history, it is time to find the perfect artwork for your interior decoration. With nearly five million tapestries to choose from, Savvydeco's choices may seem daunting, but they make things easier. You can filter by collection, theme, shape and color to quickly narrow down your choices and find the ideal tapestry.

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