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What role does fabric play in interior decoration?

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If there are only hard walls, floors, hard furniture, hard chairs, and hard beds in the room, no one is willing to go home. Why does home always feel warm and soft? In addition to the deep affection, there are fabrics that silently warm our hearts. After a day of hard work, people need to go into their comfort zone to stretch their tired limbs and relax their minds and bodies. The soft environment created by fabrics just soothes tired limbs and tight nerves, making people feel physically and psychologically. Good comfort and reliability. Fabric, which is closely related to people's lives, is a soft environment carefully selected and configured by the owner. It has a wide range of functions in interior decoration. Whether it is in beautifying the home environment or in terms of actual functions, it appears with its own unique charm In the home decoration arrangement, it is loved by people.

Home Decoration

Fabric curtains are a piece of clothing for windows in winter, and an umbrella for windows in summer. They are very useful for blocking wind and sunshade, reducing noise, isolating dust, and adjusting temperature. It is a soft yarn and a fluttering dance skirt, giving people unlimited reverie. It is an artist's hand-heavy colored pen. Let you paint colorful colors, express your favorites, and use your inspiration to decorate a beautiful picture. 

The bedding in the fabric is an alternative "clothing" of the house. It is an indispensable and important part of the soft decoration. It is also the fabric that best reflects the owner's taste and personality. The colorful and fashionable bedspread can block dust and remove dust. A dynamic painting in the bedroom. It changes with the seasons and can create different effects. It is elegant and gorgeous. You can enjoy romance and warmth in the private space, and enjoy yourself in it.

The accessory in the fabric is a small flower in soft decoration. It is colorful and has different shapes. It is dotted on sofas, tables and chairs, and walls. It is the incarnation of beauty and conveys the enjoyment of beauty. In the summer season, the elegant cold colors make people feel cool, and the bright and warm colors make people feel warm. Fabrics can mold people's temperament and inspire people's taste, and are very popular with consumers. The fabric is soft, but also psychic. The shape and function of the pattern and function play an important role in the decoration. Colorful fabrics also bring a touch of gorgeous color to more and more rooms for people to appreciate.

Home Decoration

How to grasp the coordinated and matching colors of fabric colors is the most striking thing in people's visual perception in modern room decoration. The harmonious combination of fabric colors reflects the rich emotions of the owner. The warmth of red, the nobleness of yellow, the tranquility of green, the purity of white, the simplicity of gray, and the steadiness of black. 

To make indoor fabric colors harmonious and beautiful, we must first determine the main color, but we must pay attention to establish the main color and interior decoration style coordination. Make it constitute the overall color view of the interior, such as blue as the main color with light blue, gray-blue, milky white and other colors, which can evoke a sense of elegance and tranquility; with "chocolate" as the main color, with beige and coffee The color is soft and pleasant. Indoor fabrics should avoid excessively strong and complex colors, and other colors should be centered around the main color. Secondly, pay attention to the foil color and embellishment color. The selection of the main color also needs foil color and embellishment color to set off. For example, the color of bed cover and curtain is the key color of the room, while in other accessories fabrics, the color of textile trinkets needs to surround the main color. Depending on the color, light and bright, bright and dark, cold and warm, this treatment is like a song with ups and downs in the melody. The color embellishment should not be used too much, and should be coordinated with each other to create a pleasant feeling.

There are also certain rules for color coordination, such as unified and contrasting methods. The unified harmony method is the main method of color matching. Its essence is coordination. The color of fabric in a room is composed of multiple colors or contrasting colors. If the common effect is harmonious, it can produce good results, such as: The beige walls are decorated with tender yellow curtains and golden yellow carpets, which will make the interior magnificent. Adding some small fabrics of contrasting colors, like a few jumping notes, makes the room more fascinating. The meaning of contrast and harmony comes from the inability to set off brightness and color. It is the most effective method in the color matching system. The result of color contrast will produce a striking and tense atmosphere, highlighting the importance of interior fabrics. The fabrics of young people’s rooms can choose colors with higher contrast to highlight their own youthful personality. The color difference in the rooms of elderly couples should not be too dark and heavy, otherwise it will make you feel depressed.

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