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You can't go wrong with modern light luxury curtains like this

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Modern light luxury style is the first choice for many families. It looks quite structured and makes the atmosphere of the home very strong. The curtains are the finishing touch to the new home. Choosing the right curtains can better highlight the high quality and texture of the home.

Let's take a look at what kind of sparks will the modern light and luxurious home and curtains collide with?

Home curtains

01 Olive Green and Glacier Grey

Gray between black and white is a minimal visual enjoyment in itself, calm but reveals wisdom; olive green is vitality, but its indifferent touch of green makes the whole space full of low-key gorgeousness, and the texture of the whole space improve it.

02 Vibrant Orange and Light Haze Beige

The elegant beige is an excellent color matching wherever it is. With the bright orange color, the whole house will look a kind of low-key luxury, but it will never be fancy. It is an excellent curtain color for warm home style.

03 Pearl Sapphire Blue and Light Haze Blue

In this plain world, feel the low-key and peaceful attitude towards life. This is not only a simple and plain space, but also the best evidence of personal taste. The two blue colors are stacked together to make the modern light luxury style more quality and style.

Home curtains

04 Sakura powder and mist powder

The cherry blossom pink is full of vitality and fairy, making every corner so beautiful that no words can describe it. The satin surface is smooth and delicate, and the skin feels very good. With a lighter fog powder, there is a Morandi color that is visual, error-proof, and warm. The first time you come to this room, you will be fascinated.

05 Dream Lake Green and Light Beige

When the lake green and beige meet in a space, beauty and style can be cultivated. The lake green has its own sense of nobility, coupled with the gentle beige, it will make the home more calm and structured, a modern light luxury the breath came over.

06 Peacock Blue and Sunset Yellow

The peacock blue is a touch of stunning, making the whole home bright, and the sunset yellow is also a warm color, which injects vitality into the home. When the two warm colors meet together, it does not appear very abrupt, but sets off the entire space. Even more unique, this kind of match is a fresh attempt.

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