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Material elements of color design for interior decoration fabric patterns

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The material elements include three parts: fabric raw material, fabric structure, and fabric pattern forming method.

1. Fabric raw materials

Including fiber properties, fineness, gloss, yarn thickness, twist, and decorative thread characteristics. For example, optical fiber fabrics with changeable patterns and rich colors are more gorgeous, rich and glamorous; while short-fiber fabrics with soft luster are relatively more stable; they are made of yarns of different colors or different thicknesses. The fabric itself has a stripe effect; the twist and twist direction of the yarn can produce hidden strips or three-dimensional high foam effect; the floral thread itself has its own fun, so it is more suitable to match freehand and free patterns , It is not suitable to express strict and standardized patterns, the color can be lighter or more jumping.

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2. Fabric structure

Including the structure of the fabric, the density of interweaving and so on. For example, the effect of the pattern color on the pile structure fabric is softer than that of the ordinary structure fabric, and the three-dimensional effect is stronger; for example, the satin texture is smooth and bright only in the larger surface Satin effect, so in jacquard fabric, it is more appropriate to express block surface with satin pattern, rather than express lines; some organizations themselves will make the fabric produce texture and texture, such as the diagonal pattern of the twill weave, the large particle effect of the square weave and The appearance of ridges, honeycombs, etc.; such as skein-structured window screens and warp-knitted window screens. Because of the interwoven sparse structure and translucent, it is not suitable to design delicate patterns to match. And brocade quilts and ties are configured with higher density. It is more conducive to the expression of fine patterns, and the color design should be expressed in a matching design of intermediate and complex colors. Such as: Figure 3 changes the square flat fabric weave structure; Figure 4 wheat grain fabric weave structure; Figure 5 bird eye fabric weave structure; Figure 6 changes the fabric weave structure; Figure 7 twill weave fabric weave structure.

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3. Formation method of pattern color

The forming methods of pattern color mainly include weaving (jacquard), printing, weaving printing, warp printing, embroidery, burnt-out, cutting, honing, embossing, needle punching, etc. Weaving (jacquard) uses different materials, yarns of different colors and changes in different organizational structures to express patterns, so it has a better texture and layering. Because the pattern is made of better texture and layering, because the pattern is The color produced by the interweaving of warp and weft is more subtle, but the fabric pattern, pattern, expression method (point, line and surface expression), expression style, color combination and level are also affected by the characteristics of the fabric variety, loom model, and installation type. 

Printed products have the advantages of bright color, free color matching, complete color spectrum, small pattern limit, and more flexible pattern performance. With the continuous development of new printing technology and technology, the degree of freedom in designing pattern colors is increasing. Burnt-out (including velvet fabric burnt-out) and embossed fabrics are mainly two texture levels of flower ground. The contrast between these two texture levels is often prominent. For example, burnt-out flowers are mostly translucent, and embossed velvet fabrics. The fluff on the flower ground is inconsistent in the direction of lodging, has a strong sense of relief, and its own uniqueness of interest is obvious. This kind of fabric should be matched with patterns with simple layers and block surface expression, and the color design is simple and concise.

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