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Use fabric to create the "soul" of home space

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Space is an empty shell without soul. We need to use some elements to express the thought of space and show its theme. Fabric is one of the important expression elements. With them, space has soul.

Home Decoration

Fabric soft partition: Let the space flow

The advantages of cloth art in home decoration are obvious. It is removable, washable, replaceable, environmentally friendly, practical, and cost-effective; coupled with the sound-absorbing effect of cloth, it can also help you create a perfect audio-visual room. In addition, there is also a soft partition function of fabric. The same function as a wall is that a curtain can divide the space, but it is not static. You can use opaque cloth such as cotton or silk to make the two separated spaces relatively independent, or you can use transparent yarn Curtain, let the two spaces have a "dialogue". Modern homes are increasingly pursuing the realm of fluid space. Different spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms, and study rooms correspond to each other. They are no longer confined to a single space and function. They can be connected to each other to form a new space. .Therefore, especially for houses with a small area now, if you want to make the room larger in terms of vision and experience, you should use the advantage of fabric soft partition.

Now that more and more attention is paid to the taste of life, home furnishings are beginning to show more in the form of a theme. First of all, we must confirm the color of the entire home, the color used on the wall, will definitely appear in the fabric, but the proportion should be adjusted according to the specific situation, and then consider how to connect the fabric in the home into a whole, not just bedding, curtains The matching of the fabric sofa, even the small fabric details such as the lampshade, the dolls and a ribbon used to tie the bouquet, are a coherent whole.

Home Decoration

New interpretation of cloth art: drawing inspiration from cross-border

Cloth art can make the space of life more emotional. The main reason is that cloth is the most used thing in our daily life, and people have a natural sense of closeness to it in the subconscious. The living space is like a stage, and the space needs fabric decoration, just as the stage needs the setting. And what kind of cloth is used will directly affect the style of a home. If a casual style is needed, cotton or linen cloth will be used more than silk. If you want luxurious aristocratic style, you will think of silk and flannel more. In addition, in home design, leather is also included in the fabric category. Now the younger generation wants their home to look cooler, so designers will combine leather and fabric to give the home a little yuppie effect.

The design elements that can be taken in home fabrics are actually very rich. Many traditional Chinese fabric techniques, such as batik and embroidery, can be used in home fabrics. Decoration designer Wang Xiaofeng once tried to soft wrap a wall with a piece of embroidered silk and satin. The butterfly embroidered on it is very three-dimensional, like a finishing touch, and the whole space immediately becomes lively.

Finally, attach a few nursing tips for household fabrics

1. The cloth art sofa can be patted with a dry towel for normal maintenance, and vacuum at least once a week.

2. If there are stains, use a clean cloth dampened with water to wipe off. Velvet furniture should not be wetted with water, dry cleaning agents should be used.

3. Never use bleaching agent when cleaning curtains, try not to dehydrate and dry, and air dry. Ordinary fabric curtains can be scrubbed with a damp cloth, and easily shrinkable fabrics should be dry-cleaned as much as possible; canvas or linen curtains should be wiped with a sponge dipped in warm water or soap solution, and then rolled up after drying; velvet curtains should be washed The curtains are soaked in a neutral cleaning liquid, lightly pressed with your hands, washed, and placed on a shelf to allow the water to drip dry naturally.

4. Do not machine-wash window screens. After washing window screens, you can soak them in milk for one hour, then wash and air dry naturally, the color of the screens will be brighter.

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