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Market elements of color design for interior decoration fabrics

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The color design of interior decoration fabrics is basically the market behavior of manufacturers, that is to say, the design and development are always carried out around the market. Consumers' customs and beliefs, cultural literacy, economic strength, social status, etc., all affect their hobby of interior decorations. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people increasingly feel that interior decoration is an overall combination, wall, floor, table, chair, stool, cabinet, cabinet, bed and curtain, and even a small decoration. Reasonable combination can form a harmonious and unified indoor environment. At the same time, consumers nowadays place more emphasis on personalized and fashionable decoration. In terms of market factors, the color design of interior decoration fabric patterns can be summarized in two aspects: serial design and matching design.

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1. Serialized design

Series design includes style and sentiment series design and price-grade series. There are modern styles with simple expression, free and exaggerated patterns, and bright and freehand colors. There are classical styles with delicate techniques, rigorous pattern layout, and steady and subtle colors. In terms of pattern matching and color combination, it has obvious regional customs. Religious beliefs and other differences, such as European and American style, Chinese style, Japanese style, etc., each have their own characteristics and styles; due to differences in culture, status, and economic ability among consumers, they have different levels of consumption concepts and consumer needs for interior decoration. For example, the general white-collar class pays more attention to the decoration of the living and working environment, emphasizing the elegance, comfort, and even luxury of the environment; while ordinary consumers emphasize the practicality of decorative materials. In the color pattern design of decorative fabrics, they should also Combining this point, develop various series of products such as ordinary low-end, mid-high, high-end luxury.

2. Matching design

The supporting design refers to the overall combined supporting design in the common environment. The matching design of pattern color mainly solves the coordination and unity of pattern ratio, pattern style, pattern density, pattern and attachment. The coordination of pattern proportions requires that the pattern and space should be properly proportioned in size, width, length and short. A pattern that is too large will make the interior look clogged and depressive, while if it is too small, it will appear trivial and messy; the harmonization of pattern style requires the same interior decoration the fabric styles are consistent. If different modeling methods and artistic methods are used, the vision will be disturbed and unmatched; the coordination of the virtual and real patterns requires that the composition of the indoor fabric patterns is consistent, dense and decent, and the patterns are too concentrated to appear messy and crowded, and too scattered It appears loose, too strong contrasting colors will make people dazzling, the overall pattern and color of the interior should be kept decent, dynamic and static, dense and orderly; the coordination of patterns and attachments requires decorative fabric patterns in shape and layout. The elements are matched with the structural characteristics of the decorative body, such as the vertical edge characteristics of the bedspread and tablecloth, the three-dimensional structure of the sofa, and the hanging method of the curtain.

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The color design of interior decoration fabric is an artistic process of conception, material selection, layout, depiction and repair. From the perspective of the designer's design method, it is nothing more than reference and innovation. Reference is not a simple tracing, but should be based on the original style tone, giving changes, adding a sense of novelty and a sense of the times; innovation is not only bold, unprecedented, but also standardized, interior decoration fabric pattern color design works should meet people's needs Aesthetic commonality. Many innovative works are produced on the basis of reference.

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