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The relationship between national color tradition and modern color design elements

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National colors have different effects on people of different nationalities, and people of different nationalities have different choices about colors. The reason is that different nationalities often have different physiological characteristics, which will affect the understanding and acceptance of colors.

1. Chinese national color tradition, its "five colors" and "five elements" color system

The traditional concept of Chinese national color is broad and profound, its "five colors" and "five elements" matching color system, the principle of color use combining "ritual law" and "Beth", literati "emphasize ink and light color" and secular "colorfulness" The characteristics of division and blending have a profound influence on the formation of color tradition.

① Dialectical examination of color tradition

In the design of decorative fabrics, the color tradition of our country must be examined dialectically. On the one hand, it is necessary to fully understand the excellent heritage of the national color tradition. The Chinese nation has accumulated a wealth of experience in long-term color practice. Many of the theories and understandings still have guiding significance for the color design of decorative fabric patterns. They are the premise and foundation for us to build new national colors; on the other hand, we must be more serious To deal with the limitations of national color traditions, such as the influence of the prescriptive color application principles formed in the long feudal society on China's color aesthetics. The color design of decorative fabric patterns must try to break through the shackles of these original concepts, emancipate the mind, and use it boldly.

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② Dealing with the misunderstanding of the relationship between national color tradition and modern color design

In the design of decorative fabrics, three misunderstandings should be avoided when dealing with the relationship between national color tradition and modern color design. The first is to ignore the national color tradition and blindly worship foreign countries. For example, some people think that the national color is too earthy and the time has passed, and should be abandoned; some people think that design is a modern technology, which is not related to the national color. Secondly, it does not discern the national color tradition and accepts it completely.

Color has an intuitive and clear indication function, and at the same time, color has a "style" function. Because color can cause people's psychological and physical feelings such as size, weight, cold and warm, expansion, contraction, advancement, distance, etc., and can evoke people's various emotional associations, it is the most direct, effective and most important thing to give a product "feature". Economic means. Therefore, in the color design of interior decoration fabric patterns, we must respect the national color tradition and the function of the color itself.

2. Elements of the relationship between national color tradition and modern color design

(1) National color tradition and decorative fabric pattern color design are of the same origin

① The characteristics of national colors

The formation of a national color system is an intricate project, which features political, ethical, social, cultural, religious and regional factors indispensable; the color design of modern design art is not a source of water, no root Wood is developed by combining the specialties of various nationalities. Therefore, the color design of modern art originated from the color tradition of various nationalities, and the color design of modern art has become a component of the ever-developing national color tradition.

Color is inherently present in nature, but human beings have a long history of cognition and application of color. When the ancients painted the first colorful patterns on the colored pottery, when they dyed red and pierced the belt and sprinkled red powder next to the corpse, when they worshiped the mysterious power of nature and totems, the design of color also appeared in an instant In the long history of different nationalities' understanding and application of colors, national colors have gradually emerged.

②Two attributes of national color

In the long-term development process of the formation of the national color, with the survival of human beings, under a relatively stable social and cultural structure, the national color on the one hand reflects its first characteristic: practicality, and its occurrence and development are related to the people. The work of the masses goes hand in hand with life. A pair of embroidered shoes must not only look good in color, but also be comfortable to wear on the feet; a blue and white porcelain jar is not only placed on the table for appreciation, but also used to hold oil, salt, sauce and vinegar. Their beauty is directly manifested in their function.

On the other hand, the national color characteristics maintain the original simplicity and innocence of art, and construct the spiritual world of the laborers. Traditional handicrafts with national colors are a form of harmony and unity of material and spiritual needs. They are not only indispensable and practical products in people's lives, but also artworks with aesthetic value. They are all imprinted by human design thinking. These are fundamentally consistent with the color design of decorative fabric patterns.

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(2) National color expression technique is an important reference content for decorative fabric pattern color design

The creativity of modern decorative fabric color design has many sources. Fundamentally speaking, it comes from life. Specifically, it can be derived from the refinement and combination of natural colors, it can be emphasized and highlighted from subjective intentions, it can be derived from abstract interpretation, it can be inspired by literature, music and other arts, and more importantly, its source To the national color tradition.

National color is a culture created by the people in their lives. It embodies both material culture and spiritual culture. It is the psychological source of all contemporary plastic arts and artistic designs in our country. Therefore, in terms of art form, folk color is both a flow and a source.

From the perspective of artistic psychology, the national color has laid an important national psychological foundation, or the basic national color of the aesthetic ability. As a kind of expressive art, its forms of expression are ever-changing, its styles are colorful, its aesthetic consciousness is pure, and it will always have vigorous vitality. Throughout the history of world development, although countries in the world have different levels of economic and cultural development, different customs, and different levels of design in different countries, they have commonality in digging out the excellent heritage of their own nations.Even developed countries are seeking themselves. The road of nationalization also pays great attention to the development of modern art design by drawing nourishment from folk colors.

How to grasp national characteristics in modern interior decoration fabric pattern color design is that modern color design should grasp national characteristics more rationally and scientifically, so as to promote the development of modern interior decoration fabric pattern color design with national characteristics.

① To grasp the dynamic development characteristics of national color tradition

The national characteristics of colors are constantly changing with the development of society. Black and white were classified as one of the five colors in ancient China, but in daily life, literati favored them, but the folks were quite taboo about them, because they were the true colors of funeral rituals. But today, these two colors have become generally accepted stable and generous colors.

The rules of normal and intermediate colors in ancient China made people respect pure colors, while paying too little attention to intermediate and complex colors. However, the application of pure colors is often regarded as having no connotation and that intermediate and complex colors are high-end colors. Therefore, when designing products sold abroad, you must not only be familiar with the national colors of the corresponding country, but also timely grasp the country's color trends and changes.

②We must handle the functional relationship between national color tradition and color itself

National color traditions are often symbolic, that is, they have social characteristics. Color itself has a function brought about by its natural attributes, namely naturalness. Therefore, a task facing the designers of modern interior decoration fabric patterns and colors is to handle the relationship between national color tradition and color itself.

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