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The fresh fabric soft decoration in the living room creates a Nordic style home

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The soft decoration of the living room is related to the appearance of the entire space and reflects the taste of the owner. The soft decoration of the fabric is more distinctive, and the rich colors of the home decoration can also add a warm atmosphere. Fabric soft furnishings are indispensable in home furnishings, such as curtains, cushions, carpets, etc. With them, the living room is more fashionable.

Home Decoration

Nordic style curtains

Curtains are common decorations and a must-have decoration for every family. The soft fabric fabrics are rich in colors, adding a bright atmosphere to the living room, and the whole space is stylish and not monotonous. The curtains also have the function of shading. When the curtains are drawn in the living room during lunch break at noon, it can also create a quiet environment. It is really good for shading decoration.

Nordic style cotton and linen curtains, fresh and bright colors enrich the color of the living room, making the space look fashionable and not monotonous, the vertical stripes are classic and versatile, and the design is simple and naturally reveals a touch of intellectual temperament. The drape of the high-quality cotton and linen fabric is hard to shrink, and the shading performance is superior, creating a warm home atmosphere.

Home Decoration

Green plant printing cushion

Green plant elements have always been the red elements of the Nordic style. Like turtle leaves and banana leaves, they are very distinctive to inject vitality into the home and feel the breath of nature. A set of green plant printing cushions are placed on the sofa, and the bay window is full of scenery lines, dressing up a comfortable leisure space.

Nordic style green plant cushion, fresh green leaf elements relieve visual pressure, and can also decorate a living home, environmentally friendly printing technology, clear patterns and layers, thick fabrics with clear textures, soft and breathable feel. Hold in your arms or lean on the back All are very comfortable.

Home Decoration

Geometric carpet

Geometric elements are also characteristic of the Nordic style. The simple lines outline geometric patterns, which have a fresh and unconventional beauty. The colors are also very rich and easy to attract the eye. Geometric carpets are more versatile and can be matched with a variety of styles of furniture. The material is soft and delicate, which brings a comfortable experience when stepping on it.

Geometric carpets in the living room, the individual geometric lines have a sense of beauty, and the fresh colors make people feel completely relaxed. The high-density suede is thickened and thick suede, which is comfortable to the touch and not easy to hide dust. It is delicate and comfortable to step on and bring a comfortable and leisure feeling.

The decoration of the Nordic style living room is very simple, using these soft fabrics to dress up, showing a stunning effect, it looks pleasing to the eye and gives people a bright feeling, which is really seductive.

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