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Briefly describe the function, style and craftsmanship of the cushion

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Briefly describe the function, style and craftsmanship of the cushion

Throw cushions are common items in household life, similar to cushions, generally half the size of cushions, and feel warm and warm in the arms.

With the development of modern industry and the development osf society, there are more and more freelance workers. Small business shop owners, unpaid sales and intermediaries, freelance writers, new media creators, various experiencers and tour guides, drivers, anchors, etc., they prefer to lie on the sofa and lean against the bed, A more free way of working like sitting at a table by the window. Cushions are their best partner during naps and work. Not only can they make them feel more at ease during rest, but they can also have a more comfortable backrest during work.

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Modern cushions have many functions according to different fillings and patterns. Down, buckwheat husks, rice husks and other natural fillers are popular among middle-aged and elderly people who care about health; man-made fibers, foam particles, and latex are popular among young people for their excellent comfort.

No matter what kind of cushion it is, a better pattern design will have a better market. The fresh and elegant Nordic blue and off-white cushions are suitable for European-style houses or stools, the cartoon-based cushions are suitable for children's rooms, and the warm and romantic patterned cushions are suitable for girls'  rooms. , cushions with special DIY patterns can be used in various specific occasions.

A good pattern not only comes from a good design, but also requires printing equipment to print the pattern on the cushion. Most of the processes used to make cushion patterns on the market are screen printing and digital direct injection processes. Whether it is silk screen printing or digital direct injection, it can make the ink penetrate into the fiber of the cushion, so that the pattern is firmly on the cushion, and it is not afraid of washing and drying.

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Using screen printing, a large number of products can be produced at one time, with high efficiency and low unit price. But because plate making is troublesome and expensive, it is not suitable for small batch production of cushions. In addition, screen printing is difficult to achieve transitional colors, and the pattern accuracy is relatively average.

Using digital direct injection technology to make cushions is basically the opposite. Although there are already pipelined digital jet printing equipment on the market, they are not yet mature in general, so it is difficult to achieve mass production. But it can print very beautiful patterns, and can realize arbitrary DIY pattern customization. A flatbed printer connected to a computer can also meet the daily needs of a DIY custom cushion shop.

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