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Cushions are very important in home life, how to match cushions to add some material to life

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In daily life, sofas without cushions, especially for fabric sofas, can be described as lonely and boring. A reasonable combination of sofa and cushion can be pleasing to the eye, and it can also give full play to the function of the cushion.

If you match the cushion well, we must first understand the material of the cushion. The reason why cushions convey warmth is that in addition to the visual perception of color patterns, the touch of the material is also very important. The material of the cushion is mainly divided into inner core material and outsourcing material. Usually, the inner core material pays more attention to comfort, while the outsourcing material pays more attention to matching with the sofa. In addition, the choice and application of different fancy cushions are also very particular.

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The main classification of cushion materials:

1. Inner core material

The inner core materials of the cushion generally include sponge, cotton, hollow cotton, etc. These materials are fluffy and soft, and the comfort and self-adaptability are the main factors when choosing. Although it is not necessary to choose expensive fillers, it is best to contain feathers and fluff. A mixed filling of 95% feathers and 5% fluff is a good choice.

2. Outsourcing materials

Outsourcing materials generally use plain cotton, twill cotton, velvet, satin, nylon, canvas, etc. The selection criteria are not only to meet the occupants' favorite texture and comfort, but also to match the overall style of the sofa. If the material of the sofa in your home is delicate, don't choose too rough cushion fabric; if you like a more exaggerated or slightly rough original taste, it is recommended to choose canvas, linen, cotton and other rough texture materials.

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3. Hemming fancy

There are many types of cushions. If they are distinguished by seam, they can be divided into fringe, lotus leaf, wide side, inner seam, piping, and hair edge. Different seams not only present different effects, but also can decorate different space styles. Generally speaking, fringed and braided cushions are more suitable for classical furniture spaces; vibrant ruffles are more suitable for natural and rustic home spaces; wide-sided cushions can take into account two different home styles of country and modern; and if you want Owning a cushion that can be used in a variety of home styles is the conservative inseam or piping cushion.

When choosing a cushion, start with the material. The above is an introduction to the material and production process of the cushion. I hope it will be helpful for everyone to choose the cushion.

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