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How to choose fabrics such as curtains, carpets, and cushions in industrial style?

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Exposed steel bars and undecorated brick walls have become the characteristics of the industrial style. However, because they are derived from factories and warehouses, these were used as an environment for stacking objects and equipment. Now they must be used for human residence. Adding some fabrics suitable for residential use, such as curtains, carpets, cushions, etc., are more comfortable to use, and can also alleviate the overly monotonous and cold industrial feeling. The fabric used in industrial home style usually chooses the type with obvious texture and relatively rough and clear texture.


Cotton or linen curtains with strong texture

Industrial-style curtains generally choose dark gray or other low-purity colors, which can be more coordinated with the tone of industrial style, black, white and gray. Sometimes, artistic curtains with bright colors or a strong sense of design are often used. Curtain fabrics are generally made of cotton or linen with a strong texture, which can highlight the rough, natural and simple features of the industrial style space. Industrial-style curtains can be installed with window railings, because the most prominent feature of industrial style is the exposed pipelines, presenting a stylized mechanical feeling, and the exposed curtains can match it.

Bedding in neutral tones

In contrast to the complex effects of mechanical elements, industrial-style bedding fabrics are much more streamlined. Most of the bedding products choose neutral tones that echo the surrounding environment, and occasionally add some unique fabrics to brighten the space. For example, long-haired carpets, which are very different from metal elements, can soften the cold and hard lines in the bedroom. In addition, there are no traditional bed skirts or bedspreads in industrial style bedrooms.


Rough texture carpet

The application of carpets is rare in industrial-style spaces. Most of them are used in front of the bed or sofa area. The choice of carpet must be integrated into the overall style. Rough cotton or linen woven carpets can better highlight the roughness and casualness the unmodified fur carpet is also a good choice.


Throw cushion with old and worn surface

The industrial style pursues a mottled and simple beauty. Under normal circumstances, the overall color of the industrial style is mostly neutral, which will make people feel a little cold. Although the cushion is small, it is one of the best elements to create a sense of warmth. Industrial-style cushions are mostly made of cotton material, and the surface shows the effect of worn, worn and faded colors. They are usually printed with black, blue or red patterns or text. Most of them look like goods packaging sacks, with a retro atmosphere. Come.

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