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How to match the colors of carpets and cushions?

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What is the mysterious connection between cushions, carpets and sofas? Among the overwhelming patterns, how to choose the most suitable cushion type for you?

The soft furnishing periphery with sofa as the core mainly includes cushions and carpets, their color matching, size and placement, today I will talk about the choice of cushions and carpets.

Determine a main color according to the living room environment, and then the cushions and carpets follow the main color.

Gray, white, brown and other neutral color sofas.

A. Set the color according to the decorative painting

Don't underestimate the decorative paintings. In addition to acting as the visual center, decorative paintings can also echo the tones of the entire house.

The decorative painting has blue cushions using the same blue, and the decorative paintings have orange. The cushions and the coffee table are also consistent with orange.

cushion covers

B. Set the color according to the chandelier

If you have a particularly good chandelier, you can also refer to the chandelier to choose the color of the cushion, such as the brass color in the picture below.

cushion covers

C. Follow the carpet color

If you happen to already have a great carpet, you can't go wrong looking for cushions with similar colors and patterns.

The above sentence is also true in reverse.

D. Set the color according to a large decoration

Large decorations may be porcelain sets, vases, candles or small sculptures. At this time, the color of the cushions and the main decorations are the same, which can not only prevent the color from being too messy, but also create a main atmosphere.

If the home is all gray, white, black and neutral colors, why can't you find the color reference swelling?Choose the blue, gray-blue geometric pattern cushion + gray carpet.

cushion covers

How to match a colorful sofa?

A. The cushion and the sofa are the same color, and the carpet and the sofa are in contrast.

For a colored sofa, it is best to use a set of cushions. For the neutral color cushion, you can choose either a solid color or a geometric pattern. The other one with a sofa color is best to choose a geometric pattern, otherwise it is too stuffy. Common leather sofas are also suitable for this color scheme, such as the "neutral color cushion + geometric cushion" group

B. Cushions and sofa contrast color, carpet and sofa are the same color

This is also the mainstream type. For example, red cushions are matched with blue sofas, and carpets are in the same blue color as the sofas. In addition, if the carpet and sofa are of the same color, it is better to be lighter than the sofa, otherwise it will be top-heavy.

C. Cushions and carpets collide with the sofa at the same time

In this case, the cushion and the carpet must be very similar in color and pattern, so as not to be dazzled.

For example, the level in the figure below is just right, and there can be subtle differences, but it must not be too bad.

cushion covers

Pattern selection for cushions and carpets

A. Earth colors with a very low presence, pure colors or patterns, do not matter, they are messy with closed eyes.

B. With bright colors, whether it is a cushion or a carpet, the patterned ones are better than solid colors.

Geometric patterns are especially recommended in the pattern, such as the color striped cushion on the white background, which is basically a holy product. Various colors like the picture below are beautiful.

cushion covers

Carpets covering a large area are even more of this reason. Purely colored carpets will appear overly heavy. Geometric striped carpets will only come to an end, bright and pleasant. In terms of the color of the pattern, a simple sofa means a bright carpet, and a bright sofa means a plain carpet. The geometric pattern of the carpet should be similar to any cushion pattern.

To sum up

Neutral color sofa cushions follow the hanging pictures, carpets, chandeliers + color sofa and cushions in the same color, choose the same color for the carpet, color sofas and cushions, the same color for the carpet sofa + choose patterns to avoid dullness, especially geometric patterns are recommended.

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