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What are Blackout Curtains?

For some people the thought of blackout curtains conjures up images of air raids, and imposed black out conditions during World War II. What may have begun as a safety device so that house would show no light and become a target for bombers has evolved into something quite different. Many people now

2022 03-17
How to see the distinction of curtain fabrics and the purchase of curtain fabrics

How to see the distinction between curtain fabrics? Purchase curtain cloth, you can choose from four aspects: fabric, color, flower shape and texture.1. Choose fabrics. Commonly used fabrics include four types: printed fabrics, dyed fabrics, yarn-dyed fabrics, and printed fabrics.(1) Calico: Printin

2022 03-05
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What are the Pros of Thick Curtains?

There are a variety of advantages to the use of thick curtains, and some of these will depend on the climate a person lives in and his or her own preferences. Curtains that are fairly thick can help keep sunlight from passing through the curtains and entering a room, keeping the room darker than li

2022 02-13
What kind of material is good for curtain gauze

What material is good for curtain gauze? I personally think that the material of flannel curtains is the best. Common curtain yarns include burnt-out fabric, Organza, glass yarn, flannel curtains, cotton and linen curtains, plastic aluminum blinds, wooden woven curtains, polyester curtains, and gauz

2022 02-01
Home fabric curtain maintenance skills, come and learn

Home fabric curtain maintenance skills, come and learnWith the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for home decoration and decoration are increasingly pursuing artistic style. As an essential element in home life, fabric curtains are becoming more and more popular in modern fa

2021 04-23
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What are the key points of home furnishing design for fabric curtains?

What are the key points of home furnishing design for fabric curtains?There are many fabric decorations that can be purchased when the family is doing soft decoration. Of course, when buying fabric decorations, there are many problems that need to be paid attention to. Let's take a closer look at it

2021 03-17


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