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What are the particularities in the selection and matching of tapestries?

1. After the pattern and pattern matching are combined with the overall home decoration style, follow the three matching principles: contrast effect, that is, the contrast of the size and color of the flower type; similar coordination, similar flower forms, similar colors, such as pink colors can ea

2022 02-10
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What should I pay attention to when buying tapestry decorations?

Consumers who have tapestry decorations in their homes must be very tasteful and attentive people. Consumers who know a little about tapestries will know that tapestries are not only beautiful and elegant, but tapestry maintenance requires careful care. So, how to buy tapestries? Be sure to pay atte

2022 02-07
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What is the function of the tapestry?

How to choose warm decorative tapestries?Different from the jumping sense of decorative hanging paintings, tapestries can always stand out with a heavy and textured breath among all accessories. Especially in winter, a suitable tapestry can not only enhance the taste of home, but also invisibly add

2021 11-26
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I want to add some ethnic style to my home, tapestries are a good choice

I want to add some ethnic style to my home, tapestries are a good choiceIntroduction: When choosing wall decoration, many people first think of decorative paintings, photos, wallpapers and so on. There is a wall decoration that is often overlooked, but it has a strong personality and excellent decor

2021 07-09


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