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What to look for when choosing a cushion cover?

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What do you look for when choosing a cushion cover? Choosing cushion covers mainly depends on the following aspects:



Color is the first element for people to recognize things. For cushion covers, color is its biggest selling point. In the home environment, brightly colored cushion covers can bring good conditioning effects. It can be seen from the most popular fashionable colors such as blue, orange, orange and pink, bright and moving cushion covers are always people's first choice. Of course, color matching is also very important. Stripes and lattices will bring elegance to the home.



Some people love cushion covers not only because they can dress up the room and bring warmth, but also because they can show their personality. The previous cushion covers are no longer confined to the square and square shape, round, long, animal, cartoon, and more and more shapes can capture different personality factors. Incorporating more whimsical ideas into the color and appearance, embroidery, beads, feathers, beads, tassels, ribbons and even the use of stones make the small cushion cover become a spirit with full personality. Small accessories can easily lock the eyeballs, even ordinary furniture may also be monotonous due to the participation of a few cushion covers.

The use of cushion covers of different colors can also play a role in dividing the space visually. For example, if you like free space, you can completely connect the living room, dining room, and balcony at home, but you only need to put orange cushion covers in the dining room, match the light-colored sofa in the living room with a blue cushion cover, and match the rattan chairs or seats on the balcony. The flower-patterned cushion cover, then, the three penetrating spaces with different functions appear to be related and distinguishable!

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