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How to remove mold on the cushion?

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If you like outdoor decoration, chances are you have a series of vibrant outdoor cushions to decorate your front porch or backyard courtyard. Colored cushions add comfort and vitality-but at the same time, they are also vulnerable to various factors. If your outdoor furniture cushion has withstood too many showers and is moldy, you will want to solve this problem as soon as possible. This article will discuss how to remove mold from the mat-so you can continue to enjoy your dream garden paradise.

Plain Cushion Cover

1. Wipe the cushions-first remove the cushions from the outdoor furniture, then place them on a flat, clean surface. Begin to wipe any surface molds with a damp cloth. If the cushions have removable covers, you can wash them in the washing machine as usual-just add an extra cup of white vinegar to ensure thorough cleaning. Wipe them dry and you are done. If the cushion does not have a washable cover, please continue with the following steps.

2. Spray, spray, spray-you can use the ingredients that may already be around the house to make an effective cleaning solution. Take a clean spray bottle and pour undiluted white vinegar. Spray each pad thoroughly, including the front and back, and let the solution sit for about 10 minutes.

Embroidery Cushion Cover

3. Start scrubbing-mix one teaspoon of liquid detergent with three cups of warm water, and just take it out of the tap. Dip a large porous sponge into the solution and make sure it is fully saturated. Scrub each mat until all signs of mold are gone.

4. It's time to rinse and dry-next, wipe your cushion with a cool, clean damp cloth. Make sure to remove any soap residue. Then dry your outdoor leisure cushions.

5. Spray again! Spray your mat with another layer of white vinegar. This last step will kill any remaining mold and leave a fresh, clean smell. Once again, let your cushion air dry.

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